Pokemon Launches Cute Cooking Video Entitled “Pokémon Dessert Special”

Pokemon Launches Cute Cooking Video Entitled "Pokemon Dessert Special"
Pokemon Launches Cute Cooking Video Entitled "Pokemon Dessert Special"

A five-minute short film starring a man cooking treats for his Pokemon has been produced by the Pokemon Company. The “Pokemon Dessert Special” live-action video was released today on The Pokemon Company’s Japanese YouTube channel.

After his Jigglypuff and Pikachu wake him up early in the morning, the chef bakes goodies for them. Given that the unknown person owns both a Charmander and a Psyduck, they expect to see more themed dishes based on both Pokemon in the near future. 

On the English Pokemon page, it’s unsure whether the videos will be released with English captions or subtitles. While the cuisine in Pokemon Dessert Special isn’t for sale, it does correspond to the overall menu themes of various Pokemon cafés that have opened in Japan. The Pokemon Company has two permanent Pokemon Cafe venues, according to Comicbook.

The Cooking Video

For as long as the series has been, Pokemon fans contemplate the possibility of living with the collected animals. The Pokemon Company has published a new movie that shows what kind of life that may be and includes cute Pokemon-themed food. To share with its admirers, the Pokemon Company has created a number of short YouTube videos. 

From ASMR-style soft-wind-down movies to cartoons with special effects, and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. These movies, which illustrate a day in the life of an individual who shares their life with Pokemon, are likely to appeal to baking aficionados or Pokemon fans. 

The next two topics will most likely focus on different types of Pokemon. Others, such as Charmander and Psyduck, can be found at the YouTuber’s home. Pokemon Meals is also immensely popular in Japan, where restaurants frequently serve meals inspired by the designs and stories of specific Pokemon.

The recipe is currently unavailable for translation. Due to the passage of time, English-speaking fans may have issues recreating the recipe. Since this adorable film and scrumptious sweets are adored globally by Pokemon’s colossal fan base, it’s only a matter of time before The Pokemon Company implements changes, as per News Gater.

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