Flying Witch Anime and Manga: Explore the Magic and Fantasy in Both Version

Flying Witch: Explore the Magic and Fantasy in Both the Anime and Manga Version
Flying Witch: Explore the Magic and Fantasy in Both the Anime and Manga Version

Chihiro Ishizuka created the comic ‘The Flying Witch,’ which first appeared in ‘Bessatsu Shonen’ Magazine in 2012. Since then, the manga has been published in ten distinct volumes, containing the content gathered thus far. 

While some people may choose to watch the anime version of this relaxing narrative, others may want to read the manga, which has a story that goes beyond the animation. The series has a storytelling style that is both peaceful and even medicinal.

It’s not hard to find anime that is full of action, tension, and thrills, especially if it involves magic or fantasy. What is a ‘Flying Witch?’ It’s not that kind of show, and the anime adaption, in particular, is far more relaxing than thrilling. 

The main witch, Makoto Kowata, departs from her home in Yokohama to further polish her magical abilities in the film Flying Witch. She moved in with her relatives in Aomori, where she recently turned 15 with her buddy Chito. She engages in witchcraft there, in addition to her typical adolescent activity, as published by the CBR

As a result, she finds herself in a plethora of bizarre escapades, including encounters with anthropomorphic dogs and other mystical pursuits. However, she’s not the only one using magic! Makoto’s excursions are practically sedative, although they are still exhilarating because they are rarely strenuous and often restful.

The Anime Version

The anime debuted in 2016, just as the manga was set to be translated into English, J.C. was in charge of it. They are recognized for anime such as ‘The Disastrous Life’ of Saiki K. 

‘Flying Witch’ is far more laid-back and low-key than the majority of those concerts, which is part of the fun of the act. With the tranquil atmosphere of a little Japanese village just highlighting how temperate everything is, everything feels exceedingly organic and quiet. The symphonic music, which, despite its banality, gives everything a sense of grandeur, is another major selling factor.

There has only been one season of ‘Flying Witch,’ which consists of 12 episodes and is about the fourth volume of the manga. The length of the source material has virtually doubled since then, thus a second season might be developed in the future, according to the written report of The News website. 

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