Netflix’s Arcane Series Storyboards Revealed by Artist Seung Eun

Vi from Arcane

An artist for Arcane, the League Of Legends-inspired Netflix animated series, Seung Eun Kim shared various storyboards produced for it. So far Seung Eun has contributed 10 storyboards from the very start of Arcane. There are a few scenes and character concepts that did not make it into the final cut of Arcane.

 Sneak peek in Arcane

In Netflix’s series, it is clear from this initial hyper-realistic concept image of Vander’s showdown with Silco that significant modifications have been made to the story’s main antagonist, as well as Vander himself.

According to Dotesports, one of the most noticeable differences is that Silco appears to be missing his half-corroded left eye and has a much larger frame than the more slender build that viewers may be used to seeing from him.

Other characters, such as Vander and Jinx, had nearly identical designs from the early storyboards to the final version of the show that was eventually released.

Powder, the kid version of Jinx, looks to have retained a lot of her design elements, from her utility belt to the clips in her hair that are nearly staple-like in appearance.

One of Netflix’s most popular shows, Arcane’s first season swiftly rose to the top of global viewing lists. In the meantime, fans can ponder Seung Eun’s early storyboards.

Netflix’s Arcane season 2

We can’t wait to see what’s left of Piltover and Zaun in Arcane season 2. We’ll just have to practice patience, as Arcane season 2 isn’t coming out soon. We don’t have a firm date, other sources said that we will have to wait for 2 years.

But the events of Arcane’s first season changed everything for Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Powder (Ella Purnell). Everyone that watched Arcane knows that things altered so much that the previous sentence isn’t true.

As reported by Tom’s Guide, we know a lot about Arcane season 2 from the first season’s ending. And now we have to worry about the possible death toll rising with the new season. A rocket fired by Jinx (Powder) at the Council put all within in peril, as they voted to grant Zaun independence.


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