Who is Jimmy Garoppolo dating? Know everything about Jimmy’s personal & professional life

Jimmy Garoppolo dating

American Footballer Jimmy Garoppolo is a well-known quarterback player for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. He is also very popular for his high-profile affairs. Currently, Jimmy maintains a low-profile lifestyle to keep himself away from people’s attention and topic of gossip, as he doesn’t appreciate becoming popular throughout the media for his matters.

Known as one of the strongest NFL athletes, he is also strong in keeping his private things secret, which may be why he has not yet revealed about his current girlfriend. Whenever he has been asked by the media to comment about his love life, he claims to be single because he has not found that perfect match. However, he cannot deny and be unknown about his romantic encounters with pretty ladies. Below are a few names with whom jimmy had some love affairs in his past. 

The early life of Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo was born on 2 November 1991 to Denise and Tony Garoppolo Senior. Mr Garoppolo was a retired electrician, and Denise was a stay-at-home parent.

The player grew up with his siblings, Mike, Billy and Tony Junior. The family was living in Arlington Heights, Illinois. His first older brother Tony is an architect by profession, and Mike, his second elder brother, is a teacher.

Jimmy studied at Rolling Meadows High School, where he started playing football as a quarterback. Afterwards, he attended Illinois University. Furthermore, jimmy was a player for the Panthers for 4 seasons, from 2010 to 14. He achieved special recognition in the Newcomer Team. He got the Walter Payton Award for playing in the Division I Football Championship.

Jimmy debuted his professional career in the 2014 NFL.

The New England Patriots drafted Jimmy for the second round. Again, he made his appearance as a backup for Tom Brady in the Super Bowls in 2014-16.

Then, coach Bill Belichick selected him for the first game of 2016. Jimmy played six games in his first season and 5 in the next. Gradually, in October 2017, the 49ers selected him from the Patriots.

Alexandria King 

Alexandria & Jimmy Garoppolo have been dating each other since 2017. At first, they were meeting as friends. Alexandria is a model and an Instagram influencer who always be active on social media and consistently posts content related to lifestyle on her Instagram. The athlete was playing with the New England Patriots at that time. 

Though the player has been hiding all his affairs from the public, King expresses her feelings by calling Jimmy her Valentine in February 2018. After this, a series of rumors outbreak. However, Jimmy denied the allegations whenever the media asked, naming it a casual friendship. All of these may be the reason for their separation. 

 Whatever the matter, it is true that her connection with an NFL star player brought her into the limelight. 

King’s Family

King was born on 27 May 1995 in Massachusetts’s capital city Boston. She was born to Martin and Stacey. She has two brothers, Timothy and Trevor. While first, one is six years older than her, second, is two years younger.

Why did Jimmy and King break up?

Soon after splitting up with Alexandra, Jimmy was seen with an adult film actress, Kiara Mia. They both have been to a candlelight dinner. It is assumed that disloyal behavior is the major sword to axe the relationship between the two.

Alexandra deleted all their photos from her social media account after that. Gradually, this made the public believe that both had broken up. King also posted on her Insta about Garoppolo’s injury amid a game stating its Karma. After a few months, the athlete faced a season-ending ACL injury, to which Alexandra King responded by putting her Insta story pointing out Jimmy’s past deeds with the word Karma. She found peace and consolation that Jimmy paid for dumping her for another woman.

Kiara Mia 

There’s no doubt that Jimmy has created turmoil throughout the internet with his hypothetical affair with Kiara Mia. 49ers quarterback started dating the adult film star in 2018 along with Alexandria King.

Mia is popular for her outlandish performance in the American action crime film Harsh Times in 2005. She acted with Christian Bale and Eva Longoria under the direction of David Ayer. 

Nevertheless, Mia debuted in the adult film industry in 2011 during her mid30s. She was nominated for the best female actor at the AVN Awards.

Early life & career

Mia was born on 20 May 1976 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. She was raised in a cultured Latin family and suffered from an alcoholic father. According to the sources, Kiara had a horrific childhood and went through anxiety till she was 11. The family became normal after her brother was born.

Kiara wanted to be famous and rich as an actress in the movie industry. Therefore, she joined acting classes when she was 14 old. As soon as the actress realized she was very young to meet the ends, Mia started working as a web designer, which she is currently continuing. Gradually she got her chance to perform in the 2006 action crime movie Harsh Times.

Besides this, Mia got another break to showcase her skills in the comedy tv show Beach Head: Miami.

On the showtime network, Kiara appeared for 26 episodes for two seasons. After that, she performed in 2015’s comedy film Maul Dogs.

How did Kiara become famous as an adult film star?

The actress wanted to build her career in the show business industry. But things were not favorable, and most of her peers tried their luck in the adult film industry before the age of 20.

During that time, Kiara hesitated to work in the adult film industry as a society never took it positively. However, she made her debut in mid-2010 in adult film.

Kiara’s Net Worth

Kiara is one of the wealthiest adult actresses in the show business industry. In addition, she actively performs exotic arts for a decade. So she must have millions in her bank accounts. She also works on other projects and earns a healthy amount. That is why her net worth should be around $1.8 million.

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