Lea DeLaria says that she tied the knot with partner Dalia Gladstone secretly

Lea DeLaria
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Lea DeLaria says that she tied the knot with partner Dalia Gladstone secretly.
Lea DeLaria reveals she secretly married girlfriend Dalia

Image source: daliagladstone/Instagram/ Page Six

During a conversation with Page Six on the red carpet at the Miscast23 gala on Monday night, the “Orange Is the New Black” star revealed the information.

We gasped in surprise when DeLaria addressed Gladstone as her “wife” and asked, “Wait, ‘wife’? When did you tie the knot?

The jazz singer and actress murmured “Aaaaah” for six seconds before abruptly saying, “No comment.” Sadly, you can’t just say, “No comment,” and drop the word “wife.” Page Six responded, and DeLaria jokingly shouted, “Yes, we can if we want to!”

The self-styled “King of the Lesbians” is getting married for the first time. DeLaria declined to provide any information about her nuptials. DeLaria, 64, and her then-fiance, Chelsea Fairless, came close to being married in 2017, but they broke up only days before their scheduled wedding date.

The ex-couples posted a Photoshopped image of themselves with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor on Instagram along with the message, “Please omit us from the terrible and simple celebrity breakup narrative.

“We had a happy relationship for four years and will always be close. We relish coming up with new methods to punish one another. We appreciate all of our wonderful friends and families love and support.

Lea DeLaria married her fiancée Dalia Gladstone in secret.

Image source: ©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection/PageSix

DeLaria is getting married for the first time, despite having one broken engagement. She politely cut off Page Six’s attempts to learn more about DeLaria’s nuptials to Gladstone.

Poor, she sighed, “Page Six.” “You’ll move past it. It’s not a major issue. Do not make this the subject of the interview.

After that, the cabaret performer said, “I’m just an old-school queer. I don’t believe everyone needs to be aware of my company.

When they were on vacation in Key West, Florida, in July 2021, the comedian first appeared on Gladstone’s Instagram feed.

The pair have since appeared on red carpets, most recently on Tuesday night at the Broadway premiere of “Shucked.”

DeLaria was hesitant to discuss her recent marriage, but she was animated when denouncing the country’s anti-transgender laws.

She informed us that “those of us in the group have a thorough understanding that this kind of paranoia has always been present.” The fact that it’s so open makes it less frightening. We can simply go after it. We can freely and transparently criticize it. As fiercely as they come at us, we can counterattack.

For instance, over the weekend, I received a request to record a DVD for my good friend and fellow drag queen Alaska Thunderf-k performing at a significant event in Tennessee. I questioned if I had to make a tape. Why can’t I just descend?

Alaska responded, “What?” If there is anything to relate to the anti-trans legislation that is currently being passed in Tennessee, honey, bitch, I’m coming there in five f-king seconds.

DeLaria attended the Miscast23 event to show her support for Vanessa Williams, who was receiving an award.

Image source: Page Six/ Variety- Getty Images

Broadway luminaries Josh Groban, Ben Platt, Bonnie Milligan, Annaleigh Ashford, and LaChanze performed at the well-attended MCC Theater fundraiser.

The program will be available online from April 10 onwards; you can watch the program online.

The “Orange Is the New Black” actress, best known for playing prisoner Carrie “Big Boo” Black in the Netflix prison drama, officially announced the development this week when she referred to her partner as her “wife.”

Lea referred to Dalia as her “wife” while speaking to the New York Post’s Page Six column on Monday night (03.04.23) at the Miscast23 event. When asked about the couple’s nuptials, Lea said, “Aaaaah… no comment.”

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