7 Park Seo Joon’s Well-Loved Dramas by Fans


As evidenced by the various characters he plays, the man is a masterclass in charm both on and off-screen. Park Seo Joon, as his fans call him, is already a household name in South Korea, but the rest of the world is about to meet him as he joins the cast of The Marvels.

Park Seo Joon has found a way back into the spotlight with the latest news of his contracting the virus that shall not be named. While the case involving this latest consideration is less than ideal, there is one bright spot:  now we have a brand new collection of images of this beloved actor to admire as we send him all of our best wishes,  Gossip Chimp posted. 

With Park Seo Joon always on fans’ minds and hearts, it seems appropriate to reminisce about some of Park Seo Joon’s most beloved dramas. After all, it will be more than a year before his next film and theater are released. So let us keep this ailing actor close by allowing him to soothe our troubled hearts with this collection of heart-warming dramas. Here are the seven Park Seo Joon Kdrama that will steal your heart, according to Soompi

“Dream High 2,” one of Park Seo Joon’s first dramas, is all you’d expect a 2012 idol actor-filled drama to be. Park Seo Joon stars and GOT7’s JB as members of the idol band Eden, a very well known group who already enjoys the admiration of countless fans, with dreams of making it big in the hard-knock entertainment world.

  • Witch’s Romance

The 2014 rom-com “Witch’s Romance,” arguably one of the best noona dramas ever made, stars Park Seo Joon as Yoon Dong Ha, a business owner who falls for a successful investigatory news reporter, Ban Ji Yeon, played by the always fabulous Uhm Jung Hwa.

  • “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Park Seo Joon, who plays Hwang Jung Eum’s twin brother, Oh Ri On, adds a surprising element to the heartbreaking 2015 drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

Park Seo Joon shines as Ji Sung Joon, the good-looking and successful editor of a leading fashion magazine who also happens to be the childhood love of Hwang Jung Eum’s oddly adorable Kim Hye Jin in the 2015 rom-com “She Was Pretty.”

Park Seo Joon’s transformation from successful editor to down-and-out mixed martial artist Go Dong Man’s 2017 feel-good drama “Fight My Way” softens all hearts. Once a skillful taekwondoin, Dong Man is forced to step out of the ring when life takes an odd turn.

Park Seo Joon, the narcissistic vice chairman of a major corporation, may not seem like the most likely choice for “heart-melting male lead,” but he tends to do just that in the 2018 rom-com “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.”

  • “Itaewon Class”

In the 2020 webtoon-turned-drama “Itaewon Class,” Park Seo Joon quickly demonstrates that there is more than one way to melt a heart.

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