‘League of Legends’ Devs Are Contemplating On Removing The Chemtech Dragon After Players’ Backlash

Image source: (Riot Games)

Both Hextech and Chemtech Dragons have been deemed as major additions to Riot Games’ “League of Legends” this year. However, the latter has been causing quite the controversy among the MOBA title’s playerbase due to its mechanics. To that end, the game maker could be making some changes on this since its playerbase has voiced out their concerns about the Chemtech.  

Described as ‘broken’  

“LoL” players have described the objective as broken by the time it was rolled out during the game’s preseason. Both its vision-denying mechanics and the buff it gives to players who’ll be slaying it have caught the ire of the community.  

Riot then tried fixing the issue caused by the above-mentioned. Nonetheless, it may well seem that the resolution might not be enough unless the devs do an overhaul on it.  

In line with this, Riot revealed that they are seriously considering the Chemtech Dragon be removed from “League of Legends.” In the event that this comes to fruition, Dexerto noted that it will be one of those rare occasions in the MOBA’s 12-year run that a content was introduced in the game only to be taken off in just a few weeks.  

‘League of Legends’ devs on the issue  

Riot dev ‘GreaterBelugaWhale’ addressed this over on Reddit stating that if they conclude that something is bad in “League of Legends,” they assess the priority to change or remove it in “LoL.” Additionally, fellow developer – Bryan ‘Axes’ Salvatore noted that they’re fielding a survey, though it may take a while before they get the results.   

He also addressed the backlash they got from both Reddit and the “English-speaking social media” as they’ve heard it loud and clear. However, Axes highlighted that it doesn’t always mean that the entirety of the “League of Legends” community disliked a feature in the past.