Juvenile Justice, Netflix’s Top Non-English TV Series, Trending Today

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On Thursday, Netflix’s original series “Juvenile Justice” topped the OTT platform’s non-English TV series chart. The chart ranks non-English TV shows based on the number of hours viewers watch each week.

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According to the chart, from February 28 to March 6, Netflix subscribers in 190 multiple regions watched the Korean drama series “Juvenile Justice” for 45.93 million hours. “Juvenile Justice” was watched for 17.41 million hours over four days after its release on February 25, propelling the Korean series to the No. 3 spot from February 21 to 27.

According to streaming analytics firm FlixPatrol, “Juvenile Justice” ranked eighth on its global chart for TV shows available on the streaming service last week. The show was ranked No. 12 this week, The Korea Herald posted. 

Juvenile Justice review 

Juvenile Justice is a competent legal drama that depicts a thought-provoking and difficult case centered on several intriguing and complex characters. While the show’s editing and jumping between cases are a little sloppy, there’s enough here to make for a compelling show.

The story takes place in modern Korea, with the juvenile act in full swing. It means that most crimes committed by minors can be resolved without the imposition of harsh penalties. Unfortunately, offenders are committing more violent and cruel crimes as a result of this.

Despite these criticisms, there is much to like about Juvenile Justice. The show has some pretty heavy themes, and it isn’t afraid to lay it on thick at times. It is not for the faint of heart, as the cases are often brutal and stomach-churning. It works to feel the full force of the law, and these cases aren’t always happy endings, according to Hype.

In any case, Juvenile Justice is another worthy Korean series to add to Netflix’s growing list of Originals, as well as a promising foundation for more to come if it is renewed.

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