Nora Forster, wife of John Lydon, passes away at age 80 from Alzheimer’s

Nora Forster
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Nora Forster, the wife of John Lydon, passes away at age 80 from Alzheimer’s

John Lydon was wife Nora Forster’s full-time carer (Getty Images for Tribeca Film Fe)
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Forster had served as a music promoter in Germany and London. He was 14 years older than Lydon.

John Lydon’s wife, Nora Forster, passed away 5 years after being given an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

The German publishing heiress and the former Sex Pistols leader were wed for 44 years. She was 80 years old.

He recently gave poignant speeches about becoming Forster’s loyal caregiver as her illness progressed.

Also, he composed a song for her that he attempted to submit to Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but it was ultimately not chosen.

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In 1975, just before the punk movement took over the country, Lydon met Forster at Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren’s punk store Sex in London.

While she came from a wealthy newspaper family and was 14 years older than him, she had been functioning as a music marketer in Germany and later in London.

Her first wedding to musician Frank Forster had a daughter named Ariane, who later went by the name Ari Up and joined the punk band The Slits.

She died from breast cancer in 2010 at 48, and Forster and Lydon were appointed as her three children’s legal guardians.

After then, according to Lydon, Forster started exhibiting the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. He stated to The Times in 2021, “A profound anguish overwhelmed her since it’s an unexplainable anguish for a mom to lose her daughter.

“From that point on, minor problems like consistently misplacing keys began to accumulate. By the time it becomes definite, it is hard to track it back because it happened so gradually.”

After receiving a formal diagnosis in 2018, he took over her full-time care as her condition worsened.

The saying “No joy without pain.”

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Eventually, she had trouble recognizing her husband. Lydon stated to The Guardian in 2021, following his appearance on the US edition of The Masked Singer, “I wanted to see whether she assumed, and she did.

“Johnny, it’s you, she said. How satisfying to hear her speak that way and prevent her from tuning out was among the best moments of my life.

Then, because it was one experience that stuck out in her mind, he created a “pensive, private yet worldwide love song” about a trip they had taken to Hawaii.

He joined the chorus, “Remember me, I remember you.”

Since Lydon’s parents were Irish, he entered it with his band Public Image Ltd to represent Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

When revealed, he added, “It is addressed to everybody going through difficult times on the path of life, with the individual they care about the most.” It also conveys the hopeful notion that, in the end, love triumphs over all.

Earlier this year, Lydon disclosed to the Sunday Times that caring for his wife had profoundly altered him and that he wasn’t sure how he would manage without her.

“It’s disgusting. That is horrible and destructive to witness someone you love simply vanish ” he explained.

Yet, he claimed their time together was “worth every moment.” No happiness is free from suffering, and oh, do I understand it now.

Death of Nora Forster: At age 80, John Lydon’s wife passes away from Alzheimer’s

Through the Public Image Ltd Twitter account, the former S*x Pistols singer Forster revealed Alzheimer’s disease.

Peace be with you, Nora Forster. We regret to inform you of the passing of Nora Forster, John Lydon’s wife of over 50 years and do so with great sadness.

“Nora had been battling Alzheimer’s for a while. John had since taken on the role of her full-time caregiver. Please give John time and space to process his loss.

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