How Attack on Titan Quietly Revealed Eren’s Real Purpose

Eren's Real Purpose Is Quietly Revealed
Eren's Real Purpose Is Quietly Revealed

Eren Jaeger’s actual aims with Zeke in Attack on Titan season 4 are unknown. But a subtle symbolic Easter egg may reveal them.

An Easter egg from the fourth season of Attack on Titan might reveal why Eren became a villain. How he plans to exploit the Founding Titan’s power. 

Eren is the bright-eyed protagonist who joined the Survey Corps as a young child. He is a long cry from the bright-eyed protagonist of Attack on Titan season 4. 

Eren has taken direct action alongside his half-brother, Zeke. Eren possesses the Founding Titan. Zeke possesses royal blood. The two of them can control the entire, godlike might of Ymir if they work together.

Zeke Jaeger has made it quite clear what he wants. To awaken the Founding Titan and euthanize the Eldian race by removing their ability to reproduce. 

Eren professes to be working toward the same objective as the Zekealots, or at least that’s what he’s telling them.

It’s unclear whether Eren truly shares his brother’s ambition. Armin openly asks whether his longest buddy and his oldest friend have gone rotten. He would forcefully sterilize an entire people in Attack on Titan season 4. As posted on the Screen Rant site. 

Eren’s main goal has been to find independence from the beginning of Attack on Titan. For himself as well as his closest pals. Zeke’s idea for euthanasia would entail merely switching one cage for another. 

Eren’s Real Purpose 

Eren and Zeke rejoin in the Paths in Episode 78 of Attack on Titan. Eren notices Zeke is chained. Eren feels Zeke is being restrained by the Founding Titan power’s promise against war and bloodshed.

Eren admits that he has no intention of carrying out Zeke’s euthanization plan. 

Eren then tries to make use of the Founding Titan’s power for himself. Zeke admits that he had been duped. He is no longer bound by the founder’s authority. 

The chains vanish, and he was able to erase all previous restrictions on violence. He was merely trying to discover how strong Eren’s commitment was. Now it appears that it’s his job to persuade Eren to agree to their plan. Based on the post on the Comicbook site. 


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