Great Teacher Onizuka to Be Released Digitally by Kodansha Comics

Great Teacher Onizuka
Great Teacher Onizuka: will be Released Digitally by Kodansha Comics

On February 1, both series of GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka and 14 Days of Shonan will be released digitally.  

The Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine from 1997 to 2002 was published Weekly of Tooru Fujisawa’s manga “Great Teacher Onizuka” Shonan Junai Gumi.

Which was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1990 to 1996 and was compiled into 31 books, and the series is a continuation of Fujisawa’s previous series.

The reputation of the manga stimulated a number of adaptations, with numerous TV dramas comprised of 1998-2011. 

The collection was directed by Ken Iizuka. From July to September of 2014, it was broadcast on Fuji TV and Kansai TV. It was directed by Masayuki Suzuki a real-time movie model of the collection in 1999.

From 1999 to 2000, Studio Pierrot created a 43-episode anime adaptation. The series is broadcast and is distributed in North America by Discotek Media. 

The director of the Bleach Series Noriyuki Abe (Yu Yu Hakusho) and  Masashi Sogo (From the New World, Fairy Tail) directed the screenplay, and Yusuke Honma (Flame of Recca, Blue Legend Shoot!) composed the soundtrack. As published by Game Rant

 Great Teacher Onizuka Manga Now Available in Digital Version

All 25 volumes of Great Teacher Onizuka, as well as the nine volumes of its sequel manga, are being made available online in commemoration of the manga’s 25th anniversary.

The manga GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka celebrates its 25th anniversary on  February 1 Tuesday.

To mark the occasion, all 25 volumes of the original manga, as well as the nine volumes of GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, will be made available online. 

The complete series will be available for reading and purchase on all of Kodansha’s digital retailers, including Bookwalker, comiXology, Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, Nook, Kobo, izneo, MyAnimeList, and others. According to the Kodansha website.

Tooru Fujisawa is the author and illustrator of the award-winning manga series Great Teacher Onizuka. Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine published it from January 1997 to February 2002.

The comic features Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker and bachelor who aspires to be Japan’s finest high school teacher. and faced with a class of troublemakers that intimidate each new teacher they can get to resign, Onizuka must draw on his unique history and innovative teaching methods to keep his troublemakers in line.

Studio Pierrot translated the manga into a 12-episode real-time television drama and a 43-episode anime version. Based on the report of CBR. com.

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