Rent-A-Girlfriend Update: Forbidden New Series to Be Released in February

Rent-A-Girlfriend Update: Forbidden New Series Will Be Released in February

Reiji Miyajima, the creator of Rent-A-Girlfriend, has released the first look at Shiunji-ke no Kodomo-tachi, his upcoming manga series. The Shiunji Family’s Children is a Japanese phrase that means The Children of the Shiunji Family.

The show will premiere on February 22nd. The first chapter of the series will be released on February 25. It will be in Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine. On his own Twitter account, Miyajima shared the first facts about the forthcoming comic.

Kazuya Kinoshita is the protagonist of the narrative. After his fiancée dumps him, he decides to test a paid dating service. Chizuru Mizuhara is a lovely woman who also happens to be his next-door neighbor. 

Kazuya’s envy finally causes a gap between them. After a disagreement with Kazuya’s family, they are deceived into thinking to be a true couple. Based on the report on the site. 

Rent-A-Girlfriend, a 12-episode anime adaption, aired in 2020. TMS Entertainment’s Lupin the Third studio produced the anime, which was directed by Kazuomi Koga.

Sora Amamiya, a professional voice actor, plays Chizuru. Aoi Yuki, Nao Toyama, and Rie Takahashi also appear in the series.

The Rent-A-Girlfriend manga is available in English through Kodansha USA, but no English publication date has been set for Miyajima’s new series.

New Forbidden Love Manga Series

Shiunji-ke no Kodomo-tachi will depict the narrative of the Shiunji family’s seven siblings. The series is a forbidden romantic comedy involving sisters and brothers, as per Miyajima. 

Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the manga since it will include a forbidden romance between brothers and sisters. It’s rumored to be incest. 

It is a touchy subject in most civilizations and is ethically reprehensible. The manga will be released on February 22nd. It will be published online on the mangaka’s Fanbox account and will be in Japanese.

The manga Rent-A-Girlfriend was launched in 2017. It is extremely popular, with over 8 million copies sold globally.

Everything starts to go wrong, starting with family, friends, school, and life. When a naive male meets a lovely and crazy girl in this rom-com, it’s quite a nice romantic comedy! The anime debuted in 2020 and includes 12 episodes. Season 2 would be shown in July 2022. As posted on the Otakukart site. 

Reiji Miyajima, the author, has a YouTube channel. While sketching mangas, he displays films on his computer. With the use of his voice narrations, he converts manga chapters into films with a piece of upbeat music playing in the background.

One of the playlists is devoted to his private life. In 2019, he was included in a video called Paolo from Tokyo. The film is titled A Day in the Life of a Japanese Manga Creator. It depicts Miyajima’s daily existence.


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