Blackpink’s Jennie Is Down-to-Earth, You Must Know What She Likes Most About Paris Fashion Week


Blackpink Jennie may be a global fashion icon, but she enjoys simple things like everyone else! Jennie recently spoke with Vogue about what she liked best about Chanel’s fashion show during Paris Fashion Week in 2022.

A down-to-earth Jennie

During her interview, Blackpink Jennie discussed her favorite pieces from Chanel’s latest collection, as well as the venue’s tweed decor. Although Jennie was in Paris for Fashion Week, she made time to explore the city. Amazingly, despite having front-row seats to the exclusive fashion shows, Jennie’s favorite part of her 2022 Paris Fashion Week experience was exploring Paris, Koreaboo posted. 

Blackpink Jennie told Vogue that she enjoys strolling around neighborhoods and discovering new places. When she has free time, she goes for a walk in the park, observes the people on the streets, and listens to a few good songs. Jennie’s response demonstrates how down-to-earth she is. Despite her celebrity, she still enjoys life’s little pleasures as much as she did before.

Jennie center of attention in Chanel’s Front Row

Chanel is the hottest ticket at Paris Fashion Week, and it never fails to bring out the stars. Similar to how founder Coco filled her salons with a who’s who of European high society, her namesake brand fills its front row with an international roster of ambassadors representing the best of art and entertainment.

Jennie wanted to try something different for Tuesday’s show after wearing different variants of Chanel’s little black jackets and classic suits. Instead, she looked the designer muse in an embroidered velvet blouson and perfectly matched skirt from Viard’s pre-fall collection, worn with diamond and 18k gold Coco crush rings, Vogue wrote. 

Blackpink Jennie also included a few Chanel nods in her airport outfit on her way to Paris. On March 5, the star was spotted at Incheon International Airport in a more casual outfit than she wore on the show.

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