Male K-Pop Idols Who Have Amazing Cooking Skills


K-Pop idols have so many skills on stage that everyone is always amazed by their sheer talent and abilities. However, these idols are extremely talented off-stage. Multi-talented idols are not only skilled on stage but also in the kitchen. Seeing idols demonstrate this skill set frequently gives off a domesticated and homely vibe that many are not used to seeing from them.

Being a K-Pop idol, of course, requires you to be talented in terms of singing and dancing since fans will evaluate an idol’s skill first. Their singing and dancing skills are excellent, attracting their fans’ hearts.

It is not unusual for many idols to excel in fields other than performing on stage. One of these idols’ incredible talents is their ability to cook. The cooking abilities displayed by this row of idols are not just ordinary cooking abilities; some of these idols can create restaurant-level dishes with delectable flavors, Seoul Bytes posted. 

9 male idols who are good at cooking 

While we’ve seen many funny idols’ cooking fails, we’ve also seen K-pop idols who can make a delicious meal, and here are a few of them according to Kpopmap

1. EXO’s D.O.

The EXO member is well-known for his many talents, one of which is cooking. In various EXO content, with the “XiuMin Housewarming Party” being the main focus, we see him help a lot in the kitchen. While he does make a mistake, which prompts the cutest reaction ever, his food still tasted good because the other members seemed to love it a lot.

2. ATEEZ’s WooYoung

WooYoung has demonstrated his culinary skills in several ATEEZ video content. He appears to be the cook in the dorm, as members have frequently commented on his cooking.


In “GOING SEVENTEEN,” we frequently see MinGyu preparing meals for the other members, who always seem to enjoy his cooking. Cooking may be his other specialty. In scenes where the members are required to cook, MinGyu is always at the helm, either grilling meat, giving instructions, or assisting the other members who appear to look to him for assistance.

4. CNBLUE’s Kang MinHyuk

In recent vlogs, the idol has been displaying his cooking skills, which we must say is quite refreshing to watch. Fans, we’re sure, feel the same way. The idol walks us through his entire preparation of food in the first video, beginning with grocery shopping.

5. SHINee’s Key  

Is there anything that SHINee’s Key cannot accomplish? We doubt it. Key has demonstrated his culinary skills in various episodes of “I Live Alone.” Going so far as to make his neighbors, the cast, and fellow member TaeMin jealous. They were all very complimentary about his cooking abilities.

6. NU’EST’s BaekHo

NU’EST BaekHo is just as ferocious in the kitchen as he is onstage. In the first video, viewers see the idol walk around the kitchen for the first time. Like a true chef, he guides viewers through his process while preparing a delectable platter of food.

7. BTS’ Jin

Jin of BTS has frequently expressed his love for good food, so it is safe to assume he is also a good cook. In episodes like “In The Soop,” we see him working his way around the kitchen, preparing delectable meals that make his other members smile and ask for seconds.

8. Henry Lau

Cooking could be added to the list of talents of the multitalented K-Pop idol who excels in everything he does. He prepares his food in the style of a Michelin-starred restaurant. With such care and precision, viewers can’t help but salivate at the prospect of how delicious the food could be.

9. NCT’s TaeIl

The NCT members are talented in all areas, including cooking. TaeIl is widely regarded as one of the best cooks in the group, with abilities that frequently leave fans and other members in amazement and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to sample his creations. He also has a cooking show called “Master Moon Chef” on YouTube, which features other NCT members.

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