Who is Shawn Mendes new girlfriend? Details on Shawn’s love life

It has been a hot topic; who is Shawn Mendes girlfriend in 2022?

It has been three months since Shawn Mendes and his girlfriend separated from each other. It is yet unbelievable for their fans.

Just like others, they, too, have broken up their relationship with each other. Do you still need clarification about the girl? We are indicating beautiful and sensational senorita singer Camila Cabello. ShawMila were the cutest till they were together. But there are rumors about Shawn Mendes new girlfriend. This article will discuss whom Shawn Mendes is getting now. So keep reading to find out the current and past relationships of the dashing singer Shawn Mendes.

Who is Shawn Mendes? 

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is popularly known as a Canadian singer and songwriter. Shawn was born on 8 August 1998 and gradually became popular in 2013 after he posted song covers on the American video-sharing application Vine. Later in the same year, he got the attention of the talent manager Andrew Gertler and Ziggy Chareton, the head of A&R Island Records.

It has given him a chance to record his voice under the label. In 2014, Mendes’ first self-titled EP was published. He debuted with his studio album Handwritten in 2015. The album became top 1 on the Billboard 200 in the US. It helped Mendes to be one of the five artists to achieve such success before the age of 18. His song Stitches became number one in the UK and achieved to be in the top ten in America and Canada. 

His other studio album Illuminate (2016), secured the #1 position in the United States, and 2 tracks, There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back and Treat you Better, became the top ten in many countries. Shawn’s self-titled third studio album, In My Blood, was the lead single that made the singer the third youngest artist in history to have three best albums to be the number one throughout the US. 

If I Can’t Have, You and Senorita are his hit singles of 2019. Later both songs became the top songs of the Billboard 100 in the US. His fourth studio album, Wonder, which was released in 2020, woned him to be the youngest male artist to date to be at the top of the Billboard 200 with just four studio albums. 

Awards and Accolades received 

The singer has been rewarded with 13 SOCAN awards, 10 MTV Europe Music Awards, and eight Juno awards. Eight iHeartRAdio MMVAs, two American Music Awards, three Grammy nominations, including one Brit Award nomination. He was popular to be one of the world’s most influential people by Time Magazine in 2018.

Shawn Mendes Girlfriend 2022

As per the recent reports, Shawn Mendes is not with anyone since the breakup with Camila Cabelo, whom he almost dated for 2 years. Even though they got split up, both singers seem to be on good terms. As the duo was encountered together sauntering their puppy Tarzan in a park nearby their residence. Passers-by assumed the senorita singers might have reunited. But it seemed they were trying to be good friends for each other and co-parent for the puppy.

Is there no one in Shawn’s life at present?

Though it is believed that the singer has not yet started any new relationship, Yet, the singer of Lost in Japan, Hitomi, was spotted with Shawn in a photograph in Hawaii on Friday.

Who is Hitomi Mochizuki?

Hitomi is a YouTuber along with an Instagram Influencer. She started her Youtube channel in 2013, which has 1 million followers now. She has 400K Instagram followers as well. In her Instagram profile, she defines herself as a Forest Nymph and an Ashtanga Yogi. It can be seen in her grid that she perfectly describes herself, as there are several photos where she is involved in yoga & meditation. All the photos are captured around a natural ambiance, which also clarifies why she believes to be a forest nymph.

Past relationships of Shawn Mendes

Lauren Arendse, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Hailey Beiber are among the girls with whom Mendes was in an alleged relationship.