Who is Glen Hansard? When he became a father? Know everything about the Irish Singer

Glen Hansard
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Who is Glen Hasard? Who is Imelda May? 

At the end of October, the hit songwriter & part of The Frames welcomed their son Christy with his poet partner Maire Saaritsa.

Glen Hansard has expressed his delight to become a first-time father at 52.

Glen, a Ballymun singer, has revealed that becoming a father is the “most incredible thing.” He said it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Why did he say he is no more important person in his life?

“It’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me,” he told the Sunday World. You’d think anyone would say that. That’s exactly how it feels; it’s the most intangible and lovely.

“You suddenly realize that all things are secondary, your life, your career, your thoughts. “I’m no anymore the most significant character in my own life… That’s completely natural; one day I was while the next I wasn’t.”

He stated that while now being a dad is an incredible experience, it was tinged with despair as his own parents were not present to witness it.

“My heart has been blown wide open,” he continued, “and each of my actions now must serve a purpose.”


Oscar awardee Hansard is preparing for his annual fundraising busk, which has taken place on Christmas Eve in Dublin since 2009.

And he revealed what he witnessed while busking in the capital, even conducting unofficial childcare duties while playing.

“I learned about the shoplifters,” Glen explained. I became acquainted with the pickpockets. I became acquainted with the women who worked in the hotels. I became acquainted with the drug squad.

“I saw so much because I was constantly watching. When people pass by, your radar raises. “You tune into things you’d never notice.”

He explained how he worked as an unofficial creche, taking care of kids while their parents went shopping.

“People would frequently bring their prams, and we’d mind their children while they went shopping,” Glen explained. For a brief period of time, people can rely on you.

“So we’re standing there along with our guitars, and some lady would have left her two children in a pram, and you simply minded them because you’re solid. “Whatever has come to a halt on the street.”

The Frames singer spoke about his experiences busking for a new Sky special with Imelda May that will air on Christmas Eve. In the special, he performs with another busker, Paddy Finnegan, in what the host Imelda May has dubbed “an unbelievable moment of fate and beauty.”

Glen and Paddy first crossed paths when Paddy was busking and singing his melody Falling Slowly.

When drugs and alcohol had taken control of Paddy’s life, he recalled: “I was heading through a very tough time in my life. When Glen came up and gave me some cash and stopped to chat, I was busking outside the Stephens Green shopping center.

Glen recalled: “His rendition of Falling Slowly was so much greater than my own that I was knocked out. I thought, “Wow, that’s amazing.”


Paddy later overcame his alcohol and drug addiction with the Simon Community’s aid. He didn’t run into Glen once more until he showed up to present at the Imelda Sky special, whose listeners included both Simon Community volunteers and clients.

On Christmas Eve, the two will participate with Bono in the first live “Big Busk” since the pandemic on Grafton Street to raise critical funds for the Simon Community Homeless Charity.

A rousing rendition of The Pogues’ Xmas classic A Fairytale of New York was also performed to give the studio audience a preview of what they could expect on the night.

In recent years, the song has generated controversy around Christmas because it contains the word “f****t” in the lyrics, despite the fact that most broadcasting companies do not censor it.

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