8 Phenomenal Animes That Address Bullying

Anime That Address Bullying
8 Phenomenal Anime That Address Bullying

Bullying is a topic that appears frequently in anime. It’s still rather delicate, and there’s a lot that might go wrong with how it’s portrayed. They cover a number of pressing concerns that even some adults find difficult to confront.

8. Koe no Katachi, also known as A Silent Voice. Shouya Ishida, a deaf student, gets tormented in this school anime. Ishida stopped bullying following a number of misdeeds. The effects of his maltreatment continue to be felt as children grow older.

7. March Comes In Like A Lion’s first season doesn’t really cover bullying. It’s largely an anime about shogi, a Japanese board game similar to chess. In the second season, the anime begins to focus on one of its characters and their past. As reported by the Game Rant site.

6. Many sports anime include bullying in the narrative of some of their side characters. In Hajime No Ippo, the main character is the target of that nasty human behavior. Makunouchi Ippo was constantly tormented physically, verbally, and emotionally before enrolling in a boxing gym.

Makunouchi has been bullied in his daily life. He’s always doing chores and being brutally beaten by his friends. Takamura Mamoru, a boxer, comes to Ippo’s rescue. Based on the post on the My Anime List site. 

 Anime that Features Bullying

5. Sena Kobayakawa of Eyeshield 21 is in a similar circumstance as Makunouchi Ippo. He is regularly bullied since he is a little shy boy. He has made it a practice to run away from his bullies in order to survive school. All that sprinting turned out to make him a natural at dodging and evasive techniques.

4. Viewers will discover the tale Flowers of Evil wishes to portray. As the male protagonist, Takao Kasuga is caught stealing the school heartthrob’s underpants. It portrays a distinct type of bullying, which is largely psychological and blackmailing.

3. Naruto Uzumaki had a difficult upbringing before becoming the most powerful ninja in Konoha. He is not just an orphan, but he also has a gigantic monster. He has few to no friends, and the whole community has effectively shunned him. Ostracization is a sort of bullying that affects the protagonist of the program.

Naruto is feared, despised, and tormented by practically everyone in the community. He is a Jinchuuriki with great strength who once devastated the village. As an orphan, he leads a lonely existence. Naruto becomes a troublemaker and plays pranks on the citizens. Based on the post on the Dunia Games site.

2. Not only does Hell Girl depict bullying, but it also depicts the bitterness that may arise when one individual bullies others. The anime is fairly bleak. Encourages vindictive conduct on the part of the abused. Whether you like it or not, that is an accurate reaction.

  1. Former bad boy Yakuza mobster Onizuka decides to become a teacher in Great Teacher Onizuka. His first purpose was to be closer to young ladies. After observing the situation of the youth and how education fails them, he altered his goal to something more honorable. As a result, Eikichi Onizuka fixes his students’ social and emotional difficulties.


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