Who is Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis? Know About Fourth Runner-Up of Miss America 2023 

Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis
Image source: Ledger Enquirer (Hollis Crowned as Miss Georgia)

Who is Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis? Know About Fourth Runner-Up of Miss America 2023 and much more

After grabbing the position for herself in the top five at the Miss America pageant 2023, Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis has made an identity for herself.

While the entire world appreciates Grace Stanke’s victory, Hollis’ accomplishment is no less significant.

Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis made a name for herself at the 2023 Miss America pageant by placing in the top five. While the entire world appreciates Grace Stanke’s victory, Hollis’ accomplishment is no less significant.

Kelsey Robbins, 22, is a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville student. She intends to practice sports psychology in the coming years due to her prior employment with VFL Films and the SEC Network. Because she has an autistic brother, Kelsey has always felt compelled to fight for the rights of people with disabilities and their families.

She is also the creator and director of “Miss Queen of Summer,” a pageant that honours young women in middle and high school who may have disabilities that have been medically diagnosed. Additionally, she has added a level of education to her social impact project, “Autism Acceptance: A Platform for Change.”

Positions of runner-ups

Miss New York Taryn Delanie Smith placed as first runner-up, Miss Texas Averie Bishop second, Miss West Virginia Elizabeth Lynch secured the third runner-up position, and Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis held the fourth position, respectively.

Grace Stanke & Miss America 2023

Miss Wisconsin Grace Stanke won the title of Miss America 2023 

Image Source: Fox News

Merely 20 years old Grace, she has worn the crown by Emma Broyles on Thursday, making herself the 95th winner pageant. Emma is the first woman of Korean descent to receive the Miss America title.

Stanke is the third woman from Wisconsin who won the title. She is studying nuclear engineering at UW-Madison.

At the competition organized at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut, Stanke triumphed over 51 competitors who represented the fifty states and the District of Columbia.

As stated on the Miss America website, her career goal is to work in core design for nuclear energy, producing effective, clean, and carbon-free energy for America. She can now share her message with more people during her upcoming one-year national tour.

Additional information regarding Miss Georgia Kelsey Hollis

One of the most endearing contestants in today’s Miss America 2023 was undoubtedly doubted Kelsey Hollis. She had strong competition, but she was still able to place among the top 5.

She said before the competition:

“Being capable of representing Georgia is undoubtedly a blessing in and of itself.

But I can say that because of Warner Robins’ history, whenever I tell someone, I’m from there, they always say, “Wait, Betty Cantrell and Olivia McMillan are from there.” I sense that I am carrying on an esteemed legacy.”

The native of Warner Robins is still in school but has already made significant progress. In addition to the recognition already mentioned, Kelsey founded the nonprofit group

Teaching Autism Awareness by Siblings: TAABS.

Additionally, she met with state lawmakers to push for the passage of SB118, also known as Ava’s Law, which would offer up to $35,000 in insurance coverage annually for the psychological care of Georgians with ASD. The passage of this bill was successful.

Kelsey Hollis has reportedly collaborated with prestigious institutions like the Children’s Miracle Medical Centers, Preemie Closet, Fluffy Friend 3C, Navicent Health, and Autism Speaks, according to the Miss Georgia website. Her reported fundraising efforts for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have reached over $10,000.

Kelsey served as Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen and made Miss America’s Outstanding Teen’s second runner-up before missing out on winning the Miss America crown this year.

When asked about Kelsey’s victory, Lasandra Anderson, whose kids attended the same school as Kelsy, said:

“Kelsey is a truly remarkable young woman. She held a pageant for young ladies with special needs all through high school. Just an all-around lovely spirit that is warm and loving.”

Kelsey Hollis, who placed fourth in Miss America 2023, will be given a $10,000 scholarship, enabling her to continue studying her field of study and enlightening lives along the way.

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