What is the all hype about the nevertheless webtoon ending?

nevertheless webtoon ending

Nevertheless, a Korean drama has also been converted into a Webtoon series. This is a very recent release in the year 2021 on South Korean television, and the main actors who have been cast as the main cast of the series are Han So-heeSong Kang, and Chae Jong-hyssop. All are great actors and have done very handwork to make this series an epic one. You will get to know so many unknown facts and the series’ plot in this article. This series is based on a webtoon that is very popular among youth because it deals with many teenage problems and love. The webtoon was first published on the Naver Webtoon channel, and it became so famous. This whole series is the story of two people who fluctuated with each other and were skeptical about the concept of love. It was aired on JTBC’s Saturdays at 23:00(KST) from June 19 to August 21, 2021. After the release, its popularity touched heights, and now it is available on Netflix. 

A Very long nevertheless cast:

nevertheless cast

Here is the long list of Nevertheless cast. I have mentioned the main ones first and then the supporting ones. 


  • Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi
  • Song Kang is Park Jae-eon
  • Chae Jong-hyssop as Yang Do-hyeok, 
  • Lee Yul-eum as Yoon Seol-ah, J
  • Yang Hye-Ji is Oh Bit-na, Na-bi’s Special friend. 


  • Kim Min-gwi as Nam Gyu-Hyun, Bit-man’s best friend.
  • Lee Ho-Jung as Yoon Sol, Ji-wan’s best friend.
  • Yoon Seo-ah is Seo Ji-wan, Sol’s best friend.
  • Jung Jae-Kwang as Ahn Kyung-Joon, Jae-eon and Na-bi’s senior.


  • Han Eu-Ideum as Min-young, an assistant to the teacher. 
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Jung Sook-eun, 
  • Seo Hye-won as Jang Se-young, 
  • Lee Seung-hyub as Joo Hyuk
  • Kim Moo-jun as Yoo Se-hoon[
  • Yoo Ji-hyun as Yoon-ji
  • Son Bo-seung is Min-sang, 
  • Seo Bum-June as Hwang Jin-soo
  • Lee Jung-ha as Kim Eun-han
  • Jin Ho-Eun as Seo Ji-wan’s friend

Special appearances

  • Choi Sung-Jae as Yoo Hyeon-woo, Na-bi’s ex-boyfriend.
  • Ha, Do-Kwon is the older brother of Jae-eon’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Go Won-hee as a girl at the bar
  • Seo Jeong-Yeon as Jae-eon’s mother

All the honest Nevertheless drama review:

Nevertheless drama review

The critics praised the making of the series, but there was one thing that they said, “It could have been much better than this.” This shows that maybe the direction of the series was lacking somewhere or that critics had much more expectations from this particular series, which disappointed them in the end. There are always two sides to a coin, and exactly like that, there are both types of reviews that this series has got. Most of them are positive, and hence it has a rating of 7.1 out of 10, which is a good rating considering the reviews of the critics. Some people also said it was boring because they had already seen the webtoon version of the movie. 

Explained the nevertheless webtoon ending:

nevertheless webtoon ending

Let me tell you about the ending of this series. Now Jeongseo has brought in a high-school love story for years, but he acts differently in his style and a very new form. This series is the Lind of laid-back read novels which you can not stop until you reach the last page, which implies that it is worth watching. What do you like the most, the webtoon version or the real one? Comment down below and let me know. So, we were in the story. The story brings these two persons, Nabi and Jae-Eon Park, together, and until the end, Nabi’s Obsession starts to grow with Jae-Eon Park, and she ends up in the Freshman studio. Now she is there, and then she comes across the art he created. She sees each of them very carefully and tries to understand his art. He has made very different things that were very difficult to guess that what it was. Now she is mesmerized by the beauty and the deeper meaning of art; now, Jae-Eon Park catches her there while deliberately staring at his art. He tells her that he has a butterfly as a pet at home, which makes her admit that being with her ex-boyfriend made her into an overthinker.