Every little detain about lee hooni

lee hooni

Do you know who lee hoon is? If you do, this article also has so many unknown facts about Lee hoo, and if you do not know about him, you will get to know him. Either those children are not in trouble today. I have lived here for around forty years, and today is the time when  I am aware of the fact that her daughter can be kidnapped. Everyone else has taken action, but this aged grandfather has not shown signs of finding his granddaughter. What is the reason behind him now coming forward to health? Is it the culprit of h is the one who is in the buying of every suit? The Shopping is done by my dad and doesn’t complete me.

What do you think about Lee hoon?

lee hooni

He has shown his seel destructive behavior to everybody, and  We were talking about the personality of Lee’sLee o. He gets embarrassed quickly. He is always facing trouble while picking up on social cues, like talking to Jaehoon when he wants to be quiet and be himself. Many things are not more astonishing to you, but you still try to give your hundred percent so that he doesn’t have any questionable morals anymore. Overall, he has got to be a good boy from now onwards.  

All about lee hoon  Relationships:

lee hooni  Relationships

What do you think is new about the Lee hoon relationships? He has these beautiful relationships with these people called Jeoung Strom, Jeong Harim, Jeong Sana, And most important, Kim Jaehoon. 

Jeong Storm

They are called storm and one, which implies that we have a great relationship and I am not going to leave you like this; in fact, this is the beginning of our relationship getting much more substantial. They are both cosplaying each other, and he intimated one because he is so popular. Hooni sees Soorim ash, one of the most crest friends, and they always walk to school together and take Jaehoon with them. 

Jeong Harim

When he and Hooni first met, she was already in love with him. She had these ‘Homosexual thoughts,’ and she was trying hard to take a chance with her. She also tried and failed to catch her attention, but she shows up often at her house even if she is alone and there is no party. She changed her dress and tried to look like the cutest and most adorable girl, but it was difficult for her to find her mother’s attention as well. 

He has severe relationships with Jeong Sana and Kim Jaehoon as well. You need to know that this is the person who is suicidal, and that is why having these relationships with these people is a kind of achievement for him. He wants to end his life, but someone always enters and grabs his hand, so he can’t do what he has been doing for so long. I don’t know exactly what he feels and why he always makes himself sad, and at last, he harms himself. 

What is lee hooni height?

lee hooni  height


Not just height, I would like to explain how he looks. I will also come on the height, but let us talk about his eyes. He has dark eyes and bags underneath. His hairs are messy and black. He always wears this white T-shirt of his and black shorts, making him look taller in every way possible. He also wears sporting outfits as well whenever he is playing. He wears so many bandages because of so many bruises that he has. All his body parts, arms, legs, face, and everything is self-harmed or harmed by other injuries. He is 17 years old, but he looks pretty younger than that. People also describe him as cute; his height is 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 m).