What is this unsolved mystery behind who is zoros dad ?

zoros dad 

There can be a million theories, but only one is accurate, and we will find out today in this article which one is true. If we couldn’t figure it out, then I had another idea that proved to be brilliant. My opinion is that if we can figure out a theory behind Zoo’s dad, then we will make out own new theory. So are you ready? If not, then get ready with all the facts and figures because we will be joining dot to dot and line toe line and figure out what is up with this suspense. How can someone’s father be missing like this? There are so many theories that conclude that Ushimaru is a zeros father, and this is something that I will clarify in the last section of the article. If you want to read it now, then go ahead. Why do people and fans think that ushimaru is the one who is Zoo’s father? The first thing is their resemblance. And the second is that Zoro’s father was working for the marines, and Admiral Ryokugyu debuted in one piece chapter 905, with Ushimaru appearing shortly after in chapter 953. The audience is not stupid. They joined the dots and Lins and then concluded that there were so many chances that ushimaru was the one who was Zoro’s dad. 

Let us see how many of zoros dad Theory work.

zoros dad Theory

I have already told you that many theories say that rok you or maybe the ushimaru is Zoro’s father. You would not believe that there are still many theories like the idea of the admiral called ‘Green Bull,’ and this states that there are chances that Ryokugyi is the real Shimotsuki Ushimaru. He is the one who has been living this concealed life and is a legendary samurai who came from the most famous Wano. And according to this new and unknown theory, Ryokugyu is the one who is the father of Zoro. Now is a great time to make a theory of our own because I am getting puzzled, and nothing is working out. So let us make a theory of our own and let the world talk about our approach. Why should we figure out what is right and what is wrong? We should wait for the upcoming episodes to tell us the truth because the story is best when you are just unable to guess what will happen next, and I think that there is no chance that the greatest manga of all time, ‘One piece’ will disappoint its audience this way. 

How many theories are there about zoros dad One piece?

zoros dad One piece

This is a very long-running one-piece story that has unlimited theories about who can be Zoo’s dad. And I don’t know why I feel sad about his mother because nobody is talking about her or making theories to find her out, but everyone is indulged in finding who Zoro’s dad is. This is a very famous manga and has a vast audience too. This is undoubtedly worth your time. It would be best if you went for it.  

can we say Ushimaru as zoros dad?

zoros dad 

Zoro was just one year old and lost his parents because they were evacuated from the island for safety purposes. The ship from Waco travelled to East Blue, and the zone was there; he was there on this ship. All the people together created shimotsuki village in the East Blue to hoot their fallen daimyo, and because of all this, Zoro was never told about his parents because of all that happened.  

Okay, so this is the time I answer your excellent question. You can quickly note many similarities in the appearances of Ushimaru and Zoro. And there is the feeling that you will always get by seeing both of them that Zoros and Ushimaru can have a father and son relationship. What do you think? Do you think the same? Tell me in the comment section below. Now I will be telling you the truth about the kind of relationship they both share. Even though there can be a million similarities between them, the truth is that Oda confirmed in the SBS the fact about them that Ushimaru is not Zoro’s father.