US Police Rely on Emerging Technologies to Efficiently Increase Public Safety

'CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS' police signage

Police all over the United States have been relying on emerging technologies to efficiently increase public safety. Using the innovative technologies to their advantage, U.S. police have been using robots, drones, license plate readers, and gunshot detection systems to efficiently do their job and maintain public safety. The usage of the emerging technologies is to fill the gaps as the law enforcement agencies are struggling to keep or hire new employees.

Emerging technologies used by U.S. Police

According to The National Law Review, technology may be a tremendous tool for law enforcement, but a limit should be drawn to safeguard our privacy while simultaneously protecting the public. Transparency with the public is important to adopting these technical improvements.

For example, in Mountain View, California, police employ two drones to help cops avoid dangerous situations, check for weapons, and more. With more drones with improved features including longer flight times, better video quality, and infrared capabilities to detect body heat, the department hopes to expand the program. A drone can assist police to achieve current goals while also improving safety and efficiency.

ShotSpotter is one of the emerging technologies used by police around the US. It is a gunshot detection system that uses sensors and algorithms to determine whether loud bangs are probable bullets. ShotSpotters can warn authorities within 60 seconds of hearing gunfire. These methods allow police to better allocate their resources.

The US police also utilize Coplogic, an incident reporting software that allows citizens to report small offenses, allowing officers to focus on more severe crimes.

Even robots are being employed to increase public safety. Take into account the New York Police Department. They use it for monitoring and risky circumstances. Spot, a 70-pound robot with built-in cameras, can climb stairs, walk across loose gravel, and carry up to 30 pounds of equipment. Residents objected to the extra surveillance, so the department ceased using it.

Police in other countries use emerging technologies

Apparently, the US is not the only one that utilizes technology to efficiently increase public safety. Police in many countries across the globe have taken advantage of the technology innovation as well.

One example is Spain. According to The Times, Spanish police announced their plans back in February to use drones disguised as birds to combat organized crimes. The drones will be part of undercover operations that aim to spot traffickers.

In the United Kingdom, police have started using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Facial Recognition technology for crime prediction and prevention, as per Computer Weekly. They also have discussed last February their plans to expand and enhance the utilization of technology to increase public safety.

In a press conference back in February, New Delhi police in India have announced their plans to use emerging technologies as well to detect and solve crimes, according to The Sunday Guardian. Their plans include the utilization of drones, AI technology, facial recognition, machine learning, and many more, as part of their “Safe City Project”.

The rapid progress of technology can even match the rapid increase of crime rate as well. With proper utilization of the emerging technologies, police all over the world will be able to effectively and efficiently increase public safety.

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