10 Kdrama Lines That Bring Positive Vibes


Kdramas are full of drama and comedy, and they can even provide insightful commentary on contemporary Korean life and society. In this way, they can be much more than just entertainment: Kdramas can serve as valuable lessons in the Korean language and Korean culture. 

You’re utilizing language that experienced writers have already vetted by using drama quotes. The quotes are phrased in a grammatically correct way, articulately interesting, and full of meaning. Quotes, in other words, are high-impact language.

Knowing a slew of them and where to look for them improves your Korean, FluentU posted.  Kdramas are an excellent way to escape the harsh reality of life’s problems and stressors.

Occasionally, we encounter a Kdrama that presents us with a situation or line that speaks to us and is both comforting and healing.

Iconic Kdrama lines

There is almost always a quote in every K-drama that can provide some healing or reflective thinking, but here are a few that may provide you with some positive vibes. So, here are ten K-drama lines to cheer you up according to Soompi

  1. My Mister character, Park Dong Hun said that everyone tries to prove themselves to all, but no one appreciates them. 
  2. Kim Jae Hyuk of Prison Playbook said, do not blame yourself if you weren’t given any opportunity despite doing your best. The world is to blame; it should try harder.
  3. Nam Se Hee of Because This Is My First Life said that it is the first time for us to go through this life. 
  4. Han Se Joo od Chicago Typewriter said, the world is not perfect, and no matter what era you live in, we encounter problems.
  5. Itaewon Class Park Sae Roy also said that, don’t take sides, mind your own business. 
  6. Twenty Five, Twenty One character Baek Yi Jin said that he wants to live appreciating what he has gained rather than what he has lost. 
  7. Myul Mang of Doom At Your Service said don’t act strong if you are lonely and in hardship all the time. 
  8. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Hong Doo Shik also said, unexpected things happen in life. 
  9. Oh Sang Sik of Incomplete life said, continue to fight though no one thinks you can make it. 
  10. Jin Mu Hak of Dali And Cocky Prince said, you are braver than you think. 

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