Russian Troops Insist They Are Really ‘At War With USA Inside Ukraine’

Tanks of Russian troops
Tanks of Russian troops

Igor Italo, a frightened resident of Hostomel, Ukraine, where he was shot as he tried to flee, told The Washington Post that Russian troops emphasized their real target is the United States soldiers inside Ukraine.

Russian troops targeting the US inside Ukraine

After escaping his home of Hostomel with his German shepherd Ralph on Sunday, Sitalo was shot in the hand and the bullet brushed his head, killing Ralph. According to the New York Post, Sitalo, 55, an aircraft engineer, was accosted by the invading Russian troops at the site and they reportedly sought to soothe him by pointing him that their actual enemy is the United States.

To get to Vorzel, he drove his bullet-riddled vehicle for days, waiting for a safe exit route to surface Wednesday, when he finally made it. He said he still doesn’t know how he’ll get home to his wife and children and that he was devastated by the death of his dog.

As per the report, Sitalo is now in Bilohorodka, a small village in Kyiv, where he and hundreds of other evacuees are waiting at a transition point in a muddy field.

In Bilohorodka, the fleeing Ukrainians can get medical attention and food as they wait through the bitter cold to figure out their next move. More than a week after their homes were attacked from above, many of them had been living in bunkers without electricity, heating, food, or medicine.

Teenagers and persons with disabilities were among those who sought assistance at the location, with some of them fervently wanting to be reunited with family.

Donald Trump “admires” Vladimir Putin’s ability to kill anyone he wanted

Putin’s actions in Ukraine have resulted in over 1,300 civilian casualties, including 474 deaths and 861 injuries, while Trump has complimented Putin’s actions, calling him a genius.

Trump’s former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that he admires Putin for killing anyone he wanted.

“I think [Trump] feared [Putin]. I think he was afraid of him. I think that the man intimidated him. Because Putin is a scary man, just frankly, I think he was afraid of him,” Grisham stated in an interview, as quoted by The Guardian.

Donald Trump’s comments were slammed by members of the House Select Committee on Capitol Riot Investigation, two Republicans who had previously been skeptical of Trump’s presidency.

As Liz Cheney posted in a tweet, she said that Trump’s comments benefit their enemies. She went on to say that Trump’s interests don’t appear to be aligned with the country.

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