TV anime ‘I have reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game’

Unique event-Vegetable sweets harvest festival-Event & live full version Nico live distribution Starts on Saturday, August 7! Tickets are on sale!

At Pia Corporation and Tokyo Onkyo Co., Ltd., on July 18, at Zepp Haneda, Tokyo, “TV animation” I have reincarnated as a villain daughter who has only the ruin flag of the maiden game … “Special event-Vegetable sweets Harvest Festival ~” was held in 2 performances. This pattern will be distributed on Nico Nico Live Broadcasting from August 7 (Sat) to 14th (Sat) for a fee.

This performance is the main cast of TV animation. There Maaya Uchida (Catalina role), Aoi Shota (Jiorudo Officer · ED in charge), Tetsuya Kakihara (Keith officers), Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Alan officers), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Nicole officers) participated in gorgeous voice actors such as. The MC is an entertainer who loves anime, Mukai Tianjin, and develops various events. In addition, the venue was very lively with live performances by angela, who is in charge of the OP theme of the TV anime, and Shota Aoi, who is in order of the ED theme.

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This event was held for about a year due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Since the second animation period is being broadcast, MC Tianjin Mukai said, “I think it’s wonderful that everyone’s fever has increased and it was held at the best time,” and waited for this day. Big applause was received from the venue that I waited for. The performers were also waiting. “I finally met you today. I’m looking forward to it” (Maaya Uchida), “I want to cherish every second and every second” (Shouta Aoi), etc. Each of them said the joy of celebrating this day.

In the first corner of the first part, we picked up famous scenes that left an impression on each performer. In the location where Uchida “was particularly shaken off this time” and Suzuki’s “surprising” choice, valuable episodes such as “This was fun to record” and “Mr. Kakihara said XX.” One after another. The talk will be inspiring as you can see how close the five people are.

The next corner is a “praise battle” by four male cast members, named after the main character, Catalina, who has the nickname “Human Tashi.” Under the rule of staring contest, “If you laugh and laugh, you lose,” “Professionalism is high!” The audience was desperate to stop laughing, with shy words such as “!”

In the live dubbing corner, the animation scene is “reincarnated” after the cast is drawn with a lottery. Catalina appears in all four stages, and everyone desperately prays, “I don’t want to draw Catalina,” and chooses a lottery. It was the role of Catalina.

In the second part, Catalina can interact with the soil to face off in a “weigh vegetables” game. In addition, there is also an “ikebana” confrontation that is not a flower arrangement using vegetables. Tatsuhisa Suzuki uses colorful vegetables to create a homage to that anime. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka completes a fantastic work that emphasizes the sense of the season.

Also, an event-original female game targeting male cast members will be held. I guessed the answers such as “swimsuits I want to wear” and “things I want to eat together” by taking a pre-questionnaire on the theme of “sea date,” but the lousy end continues !? , Changed the role of Catalina to a nomination system. The nominated cast screamed, “Remember!” And “I really don’t want to do it!” The audience expressed their joy with a big applause as the ad-lib also jumped out.

In the live part held in both the first and second parts, angela performed the program opening theme, “There is more than one route for women!” And Aoi performed the program ending theme “BAD END” in front of the audience for the first time. The audience cheered with applause and psyllium because they couldn’t make a voice at the venue. Even if there was no cheer, the platform was united, and a hot stage was held.