New movie on Netflix,” The Man from Toronto”

The Man from Toronto

The movie The Man from Toronto is a Netflix original and is an American action movie tossed with comedy and was served to the audience on June 24, 2022, by Netflix. Patrick Hughes directs the film, and the actors playing the lead in the movie are Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, Kaley Cuoco, Jasmine Mathews, Lela Loren, Pierson Fodé, Jencarlos Canela, and Ellen Barkin. In the beginning, Teddy, a Fitness entrepreneur, is fired from his job, and he decides not to tell his wife and others about it. He then wrongly meets a guy who has been held hostage and is the man from Toronto. The story begins from there and has a lot of action scenes in it. 

How big is The Man from Toronto Cast?

The Man from Toronto Cast

The star cast of this Netflix movie, “The Man from Toronto”, is pretty big, and still, I have listed all the names below for your convenience. So in the movie The Man from Toronto, Kevin Hart as Teddy, Woody Harrelson as “The Man from Toronto”, Jasmine Mathews as Lori, Kaley Cuoco as Anne, Kate Drummond as Agent Lawrence, Ronnie Rowe as Agent Davis, Alejandro de Hoyos as Colonel Marin, Lela Loren as Daniela Marin, Ellen Barkin as The Handler, Pierson Fodé as “The Man from Miami”, Tomohisa Yamashita as “The Man from Tokyo”, Oleg Taktarov as “The Man from Moscow”, Glenn Ennis, Justin Howell, and Nathaniel Shuker as The Tacoma Brothers, collectively known as “The Man from Tacoma”, Jencarlos Canela as Agent Santoro, Martin Roach as Marty. So, these were the actors and the roles related to them in the movie. 

Have you read The Man from Toronto Reviews?

The Man from Toronto Reviews

The film has got a lot of action and a lot of drama going on in the background. This movie has got very negative reviews from critics. Not all the comments and reviews were negative. There was twenty-four per cent of the seventy- two critics got a positive review for the movie. After considering all the reviews and comments, the rating was given as poor as it was 4 out of 10. Some People enjoyed the combination of action and comedy in the movie, but some did not. So, these were the honest reviews I did not quote exactly, but this was the gist. Tell me what was your thought when you watched the movie and if you haven’t still watched it and then watch it first.

Do you remember The Man from Toronto’s Release date?

The Man from Toronto's Release date

The movie was released on Netflix on June 24, 2022. There is a big story behind the date of the release of the film. This movie was scheduled to be released in theatre on November 20, 2020and that too with Sony Pictures, but due to a bad situation during the pandemic period, the released got delayed until September 17, 2021. The film was rescheduled again in April 2021, and the release date was shifted to January 14, 2022. Suddenly, Netflix signed a deal with Sony Pictures, made the movie exclusive for the platform itself, and released it on June 24, 2022. This was the whole story. 

Different The Man from Toronto Filming locations:

The Man from Toronto Filming locations

The movie was shot in breathtaking locations, and there was not just one; there were approximately twelve of them, and I have looked for each one of them for you and have mentioned the list below. The list shows that the movie was filmed in Canada if we talk broadly.

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Milton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Ontario, Canada.
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • 197 Main Street East, Milton, Ontario, Canada (Back of Marty’s Fitness)
  • Aga Khan Museum – 77 Wynford Drive, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, Mount Hope, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Milton Machine Shop Limited – 203 Mill Street, Milton, Ontario, Canada
  • 147 Main Street East, Milton, Ontario, Canada (Marty’s Fitness – exteriors)