Myria Studio Uses Blockchain Technology, Establishes Massive Ethereum Gaming Network Environment

Ethereum Gaming
Ethereum Gaming

After nine months of development in secret, Myria, a GameFi-focused Ethereum L2 scaling system, has launched its new website. Myria’s 100 strong groups of blockchain and gaming specialists is building a vast blockchain gaming infrastructure ecosystem.

Myria’s 100-strong group of blockchain and gaming experts is building a vast blockchain gaming infrastructure ecosystem. The team is developing Myria, an Ethereum L2 developed for gaming and digital assets, as well as a marketplace, node network, decentralized exchange, and cryptocurrency wallet with the goal of providing unsurpassed gaming and trading experience.

Third-party companies and developers will be able to join the Myria chain through B2B services, development tools, and grants. Myria’s team includes veterans of the game industry, including Andrew Silber, co-founder, and CTO of Activision and Ubisoft, according to the Crypto News.

Myria Studio

Myria is an Ethereum L2 scaling system focusing on GameFi. The Studios gaming department is blazing its own trail in blockchain gaming. Gamers will find a broad variety of free AAA games designed to be enjoyed in the Myria ecosystem.

Myria thinks that blockchain technology may expand the power of gaming by establishing an ecosystem of compatible and connected games and worlds, something that has never been seen before in the conventional gaming world. 

Myria seeks to generate engaging gaming by adopting a play and win paradigm, and as an added bonus, users can earn in the form of NFT collectibles and reward token payments based on the performance ranking.

Myria’s roadmap

Many significant milestones for Myria will be reached in the coming months, including the start of its IBCO token sale and unit licensing sale. For their participation in the Myria decentralized network, unit license owners will get $MYRIA tokens and NFT prizes, as well as voting rights and future benefits in Myria’s open metaverse: Myriaverse, which will be announced later.

Myria Games Details

Myria is a vast blockchain gaming infrastructure ecosystem. We’re designing an intent Ethereum L2 for scaling games and assets, a cryptocurrency wallet, and an NFT market with the goal of setting a new standard in digital gaming, as posted on the Crypto My Future website.

Currently Under Development Games

  • Starstrike Legends– a first-person shooter with objectives
  • Metarush– The public alpha version of a multiplayer Hill climb Game is now available. 
  • Metakart – a racing game for karts
  • Block Royale– Battle Royale Shooting Game 

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