Genshin Impact: Much Awaited Inazuma 2.6 Gives an Update to Be Released on March 30

Genshin Impact: Much Awaited Inazuma 2.6
Genshin Impact: Much Awaited Inazuma 2.6

The Genshin Impact community has been clamoring for a protagonist whose physical appearance has yet to be unveiled, and their patience has finally paid off. The 2.6 patches will be released on March 30. Thoma’s lord and Ayaka’s older brother, Kamisato Ayato, is the leader of the Kamisato clan. His appearance in the story has been anticipated since the publication of the Inazuma area last July, but informants weren’t able to reveal it until this January.

He seems to be a sub-DPS protagonist, as his Elemental Burst enhances his entire team’s normal attack damage. He appears to be a fantastic Hydro status applicator due to both his skill and burst, and he is just the second melee character to be able to taunt adversaries. He could fit within a broad range of effective team compositions, based on how effectively his abilities scale, according to the post on the Kotaku website.

Genshin Impact 2.6 

Genshin Impact has given a number of official confirmations on stuff that was already revealed on Twitter with the 2.6 Special Program. The Genshin Impact 2.6 update includes a new Archon Quest named Requiem of the Echoing Depths. The Chasm is at the center of Archon Quest, and gamers will have to examine and explore both surface and underground mines.

Inazuma is among Teyvat’s seven nations. It is an archipelagic nation that idolizes the Raiden Shogun, also known as the Electro Archon, who has become the ruler of the Inazuma Shogunate. The Underworld appears to be planning something, and players will have to put a stop to it once more. Fortunately, gamers will have some support in the form of Dainslief, who will accompany them on their exploration/investigation.

Irodori Festival

The Irodori Festival is an Inazuma-themed event that will be included in the 2.6 release. As Inazuma finally opens its boundaries to other nations, the event is being organized to welcome all tourists.

The release date of The Chasm

Gamers get a close look at The Chasm, its atmosphere, and the enemies that live there. The Chasm is separated into two sections, which are referred to as Underground Mines and Surface.

The climates in both places are very different. While the former is bright and easy to navigate, the latter is densely populated and too dark to traverse without the usage of a Lumenstone Adjuvant/catalyst. The device will serve as a source of light and will aid gamers in their exploration of the area, based on the published news on Sportskeeda.

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