Insight Of Animal Kingdom Seasons

Animal kingdom seasons

Animal Kingdom is an American drama series. It is developed by Jonathan Lisco and is a television series. The series is based on an Australian film having the similar name as that of Animal Kingdom, it was created by David Michod who is also the executive producer of the television series. Liz Wats is another producer of the series. The series was premiered on TNT in the June month of 2016.  The first seasons of the Animal kingdom received positive reviews , the season holds an approval rating of 76% on the review agitator website rotten tomatoes.

All About Animal Kingdom Seasons:

Animal kingdom seasons

The American Drama series Animal Kingdom has a total of 6 seasons which were premiered between 2016 and 2017. The first season of the series consists of 10 episodes, first episode was aired on June 14,2016 and last on August 9, 2016. Second season of the series had 13 episodes premiering from may 30,2017 to August 29, 2017. Third season launched with 13 episodes as well with first episode airing on May 29, 2018 and the last on August 21,2018. Fourth season also came up with 13 episodes with the first episode premiering on May 28,2019 and the last on August 20,2019. Fifth season also has a total of 13 episodes, it was aired between July 11, 2021 and October 3, 2021. The sixth and final season of Animal Kingdom was launched on June 19, 2022 and concluded on August 28, 2022.

Who Is Animal Kingdom’s Cast :

Animal kingdom cast

The cast of the series Animal Kingdom Includes Ellen Barkin as Jannie Cody , Scott Speedman in the role of Barry ‘Baz’ Blackwell, Shawn Hatosy In the role of Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody, Ben Robson as Craig Cody. Jake Weary in the role of Deran Cody. Finn Cole in the role of Joshua. Daniella Alonso portraying Catherine Belen. Molly Gordan as Nicky Belmontt. Carolina Guerra in the role of Lucy . Sohvi Rodriguez in the role of Mia Benitez  and Jon Beavers in the role of Jake Dunore.

Know About Animal Kingdom Characters:

Animal kingdom characters

We get to see a lot of interesting characters in the series. There is a character named Jamie”Smurf”Cody who is a tough female leader of the Cody family and she is the grandmother of J. a respected criminal enterprise is ran by her in Oceanside, California. She displays a very protective nature towards her family. Anotherr character is of Barry “Baz” Blackwell. He is the adopted son of Smurf and is the leader of the Cody family’s heists but after due course of time he starts to question the jobs performed by Smurf. Next is Andrew “Pope” Cody, he is the oldest of all the sons of Cody and suffers from mental illness i.e OCD. Due to his this condition he has also attempted suicide. He was into prison for three years due to the accusation of bank robbery. Another character is Craig Cody , who is the middle son of Cody and is addicted to drugs. He is the most unreliable of his brothers and finds enjoyment in throwing parties and licing a criminal lifestyle.

Everything About Animal Kingdom Episode 1 And Ending:

Animal kingdom episode 1 and ending

In the first episode of the series Animal Kingdom we can see that after the death of his mother due to consuming an overdose of the drug ‘heroin’ the teenager boy Joshua Cody starts heading towards the southern part of California in order to live with his grandmother, and after due course of time he gets to find out about the criminal background his family owns. The fifth episode of the series shows the desperate nature of Pope when Deran refuses to come home.

The final episode of Animal Kingdom season 1 is named as “What Have You done”. And in this episode we get to see a lot of changes occurring in the character of J, in the initial days of the season’s premier he was shy and timid but after passing time he got more involved in his families business. The episode also shows killing of Catherine by pope, Smurf and Pope manipulating Vic to take the blame into his hands of all the deeds which the pope has done.