Is there any newcomer in the mall cop cast so far?

mall cop cast

This comedy action movie directed by Kevin James is a blockbuster hit. Its main character, “Kevin James, plays Paul Blast” in this movie named “Paul Blast: Mall Cop”. In the year 2008, the shooting of the film started. The shooting took place in Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts, a wonderful place to visit, and the scenes in the movies are beautiful. Paul Blast: Mall Cop is not just a movie; according to people, it is a feeling. The film was released in the year 2009, and it was still significantly ahead of its time. There is no doubt that people enjoyed watching the movie a lot. It has a precise amount of action and the best punchlines ever.

What’s new about the Mall cop cast?

Mall cop cast

This is the cast of the first part of the movie, Paul Blast: Mall Cop. Kevin James as Paul Blart, Jayma Mays as Amy Anderson, Keir O’Donnell as Veck Simms, Bobby Cannavale as Commander James Kent, Adam Ferrara as Sergeant Howard, Peter Gerety as Chief Brooks, Stephen Rannazzisi as Stuart, Jamal Mixon as Leon, Adhir Kalyan as Pahud, Erick Avari as Vijay, Raini Rodriguez as Maya Blart, Shirley Knight as Margaret Blart, Allen Covert as Jerky security guy, Gary Valentine as a Karaoke singer. Now, if you are looking for the changes in the mall cop two casts, then we will have to look at the cast as follows, Neal McDonough as Vincent Sofitel, David Henrie as Lane, Daniella Alonso as Divina Martinez, Raini Rodriguez as Maya Blart, Loni Love as Donna Ericson, D. B. Woodside as Robinson, Eduardo Verástegui as Eduardo Furtill, Nicholas Turturro as Nick Panero, Gary Valentin as Saul Gundermutt, Geovanni Gopradi as Ramo, Lorenzo James Henrie as Lorenzo, Chelsea Vincent as NadiaVic Dibitetto as Gino Chizetti, Ana Gasteye as Mrs Gundermutt, Shelly Desai as Khan Mubi, Bas Rutten as Henk, Jackie Sandler as an attractive woman, Jared Sandler as Jared, Shirley Knight as Margaret Blart, Paul’s mother, and Maya’s paternal grandmother.

Are Mall cop movies good enough?

Mall cop movies

This is the biggest question because the first part of the movie was hit, which was the hint they took and made another part of it. If I talk about the reviews of the movie’s second part, you will be shocked to see that the ratings given were so low, and the reviews provided by critics are pretty much negative. The second part has given 3.00 ratings from 10, which shows that the movie wall is a super duper flop, and the audience was so disappointed in the movie. Some people argue that the star cast made the whole thing different from the first part of the movie, and some blame the movie’s plot line. Whatever was up with the movie, it just made the film look a big flop and not interesting at all may. Being the first time was the charm and making the second part was the biggest mistake ever. 

The idea of Mall cop 3 so far:

Mall cop 3

So far, the update regarding the third part is a vague instinct. The actor playing the prominent role, Kevin James, has given the slightest update on the news regarding mall cop three, claiming that he doesn’t know the movie’s storyline yet. Still, he is ready to play the main character even after the major flop of the movie’s second part.

There are significant chances that Mall cop three never happens because the whole part of the movie is that the main character is supposed to be in a Mall, but part 3 was not fitting inside a mall.

What is all the hype about the mall cop scooter?

mall cop scooter

This is the most investing part of this article because I will mention the mall cop Scooter, whose name is “Segway”, the scooter. It has unique features and qualities that make it a heroic scooter in the movie. You will not believe that the famous mall cop scooter costs $5000 and is as the hero as Kevin Jane in all the films. In the beginning, it was complicated for kelvin Jane to ride it because it required a certain angle to drive; therefore, he directed a lot of practice, and ultimately, he could do it.