How Did Johnny Cloer Pass Away? North Carolina Radio Announcer Has Died

Johnny Cloer
Image source: WBTV

How Did Johnny Cloer Pass Away?

Image source: WBTV

A long-time North Carolina radio announcer well-known for playing that song has gone away on the 64th anniversary of “The Day The Music Died.”

Johnny Cloer, a well-known radio announcer, just passed away. Let’s investigate what happened to Johnny Cloer and the causes of his passing.

How did Johnny Cloer die?

Johnny Cloer, a well-known North Carolina radio announcer known for playing music, has away. What’s fascinating is that his passing occurred on the 64th anniversary of “The Day the Music Died.” A well-known radio broadcaster passed away as a result of health problems.

Buddy Poole makes this announcement on the Salisbury radio station WSAT, 101.7 FM morning broadcast. In Poole’s words, it is a “mighty sad statement,” and the main point is that Cloer spent more than 50 years as a radio host.

Johnny Cloer: The cause of death

We regret to inform you that Johnny Cloer passed away. Friends and family described Johnny Cloer as having a warm demeanor and being quite sincere. Most of his supporters and close friends are now interested in learning why Johnny Cloer died.

Over the years, he has experienced a few health issues, twice breaking his back. Even though Cloer claimed in 2016 that it was difficult for him to move around, he continued to spend every morning in the same position in the WSAT studio, where he played music and engaged the neighborhood.

The precise cause of Johnny Cloer’s passing has not yet been made public. He has had several minor health concerns over the past few years, including injuring his back.

When & how Johnny Cloer started his career?

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Supremes were at their height when Johnny began his career at WSAT radio station in 1966. He continued to perform many of his classic songs throughout his career.

Johnny claims that at first he solely played country music, but over time he managed to mix it with popular tunes and eventually convince station management.

He recalled the day when Cloer handled requests and dedications. Cloer asserts that it is somewhat challenging to broadcast local sports.

Cloer enjoyed a continuous run of full or part-time employment at WSAT for fifty years despite these health concerns, life in general, changes in formats, and station ownership. Cloer retired in 2016.

At the time, Cloer noted, “Buddy (station manager Buddy Poole) has been pleasant to deal with. “I still enjoy it.”

Some incidents from Cloer’s early career

In the interview from 2016, Cloer claimed, “No one else could do it; I got suckered into it.” “I didn’t receive play-by-play training.” Being chosen to broadcast regional sports, according to Cloer, was difficult.

In 1966, when the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and The Supremes ruled the airways, Johnny began working at Salisbury’s WSAT radio station. Many of the timeless songs he performed at the end of his career were rising stars when he first began.

Cloer recalls fielding requests and dedications, and he recalls that the phones were so backed up with people at the time that he had to bring in high school interns to help.

However, he picked up the craft quickly and learned it as his audience listened intently to every word. He claims that calling play-by-play football for the East Rowan Mustangs was one of the high points of his professional career and one of his favorite tasks.

In a 2016 interview, he admitted that moving around was quite challenging. In the studio, he spent most of his time sitting still. Cloer remarked, “We were the only people you truly listened to back then.” “Some of the major Charlotte stations would come in, but we did local top 40,” said the speaker.

He claims that although initially playing country music, he was able to intersperse a little Top 40 and finally persuade station management to switch the format.

Who announced Johnny Cloer passing news?

He maintains the same seated position throughout his act. Sadly, he passed away on “The Day The Music Died’s” 64th birthday.

Longtime radio host Johnny Cloer passed suddenly on Friday morning, Buddy Poole of Salisbury’s Memories Radio, WSAT, 101.7 FM, said. Cloer had been ill for some time.

Poole described the news as “a terribly sad announcement,” noting that Cloer had a more than fifty-year career.

Johnny Cloer’s Social Media Tributes

Many of his admirers and friends visited his family to express their sorrow and pay respects to the legendary radio personality.

Cynthia Christie
“RIP buddy; You will be missed praying for the family.”

Christine Cloer
“My heart is breaking. My nephew. I love you very much.”

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