TUT student Ntokozo Xaba brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend with a knife!

Ntokozo Xaba
Ntokozo Mayenzi Xaba, who was discovered dead at a house in Pretoria's Ekhaya Junction. Image source: ZW News

TUT student Ntokozo Xaba brutally murdered by an ex-boyfriend with a knife

Ntokozo Mayenzi Xaba, who was discovered dead at a house in Pretoria’s Ekhaya Junction. Image source: ZWnews

A student at TUT named Ntokozo Xaba was allegedly fatally stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, who was then arrested and questioned.

Following the passing of third-year Tshwane University of Technology student Ntokozo Mayenzi Xaba, a guy has been detained and is being questioned (TUT).

On Thursday, February 2, her ex-boyfriend is accused of fatally stabbing Xaba at a student apartment complex in Pretoria’s Ekhaya Junction.

TUT Student Ntokozo Xaba stabbed to death

Police claim that Xaba was out drinking with friends on Wednesday, including her ex-boyfriend. The two were supposedly dropped off by the buddies that evening.

The deceased was discovered dead the following morning with stab wounds to the neck.

The police have detained her ex-boyfriend for interrogation, according to police spokesperson Dimakatso Sello.

TUT Awaiting for SAPS Reports

According to the spokeswoman, Phaphama Tshisikhawe, Ntokozo Xaba was enrolled in a National Diploma in Integrated Communication program when she tragically passed away in what looks to have been a case of gender-based violence.

Thsisikhawe stated that the University is awaiting an official report from the South African Police Services (SAPS).

Jealous Blue Bulls rugby player stabs his ex-girlfriend, who enrolled in TUT.

Image source: The South African

Ntokozo Xaba, a student at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), was allegedly fatally stabbed by her ex-boyfriend from high school, a Blue Bulls development player.

The young woman’s family from Osizweni in Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal, is looking for information after her ex-boyfriend, a rugby player, allegedly murdered her. The suspect killed their sister and daughter years after she broke up with him, and the family claims they need to know why.

Ntokozo Xaba’s ex is accused of killing her with a knife.

On Wednesday night, Ntokozo Xaba, a student at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), was allegedly fatally stabbed by an ex-boyfriend from high school who was seeking rekindled love. The young woman and two other pals are said to have been drinking at her home at TUT in Tshwane when the ex-boyfriend who dated Xaba in high school left the two together. The following day, the third-year student’s body was discovered dead with stab wounds to her neck.

A Blue Bulls development player is accused of killing the girlfriend of the Tshwane University of Technology.

Image source: ZWnews

Thobile Makhubu, Xaba’s sister, told ZiMoja that it was inconceivable and repulsive that a man from the same region as her family killed her sister. “We are in a state of shock. Before she went on Sunday to return to the TUT, we were with her on Friday. When we were informed that Mom had passed away, no one in our family could believe it. We cannot express our rage in words, she said. Makhubu claimed that the act crushed their father. “

Our father is inconsolable and unable to speak because this profoundly upsets him. Even while we are happy that the suspect is in jail, we still want to know why he refused to recognize that their relationship was gone. Because of his aggressive behaviors, my sister ended her relationship with that man a while back. It must stop that women are dying at the hands of their loved ones, she insisted.

Blue Bulls Rugby Union released a statement:

In a statement posted on Friday, the Blue Bulls Rugby Union stated that they were made aware of the claims of a murder case involving a player who played for their Country Districts squad the previous season.

According to information provided to News24, the chemical engineering student is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend, Ntokozo Mayenzi Xaba, on Wednesday night at a Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) house.

The alleged offender, whose identity News24 knows but who cannot be named because he has not yet appeared in court,

Colonel Dimakatso Sello, a police spokesman, confirmed to News24 that the suspect was in police custody and being questioned.

According to a statement from Ekhaya Junction Management, the main suspect has been captured and held.

The family of the young woman hurt in the incident received genuine condolences from Blue Bulls Rugby Union President Willem Strauss.

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