‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Invisible Bug Is Back In The Game And It Could Be Worse According To Players

Image source: (Esports Talk/YouTube)

“Call of Duty: Warzone’s” invisible skin bug sure is a game-breaker and has annoyed its playerbase. Devs have rolled out an update to fix the issue, but it looks like it’s back in the battle royale shooter.  

Back in ‘Warzone’  

Reddit user andrewkbmx came across the returning bug and was able to clip and post it over on the CODWarzone subreddit. From the clipped “Warzone” gameplay, the OP was playing through a Quads game in Caldera as he observed something unusual. Upon turning to where the sound of the footsteps is, what they saw was a floating head.

Further, the glitch may well seem to have affected another skin in “Warzone” since the OP saw it on a different Operator. Instead of Francis, the bug was spotted with the Wraith Operator as it can be seen that is partially invisible in the video. Despite its state, the character in question is still taking shots, Dexerto reports 

That said, this has led to an effortless kill in one instance. Nonetheless, other “Warzone” players may not be that fortunate.  

Another invisible skin? Happened last night, not sure if it’s just on my end or what. from CODWarzone

The extent is still unknown  

Players may be well-aware already of this returning issue. It has yet to be known, though, the full extent of this invisible glitch in “Warzone.” The bug could be exclusive to just one platform or there could be a particular loadout in the game that might be triggering the said glitch.   

A Reddit user deems this iteration of the glitch to be worse than that of Francis since the said operator only went invisible past 32 meters. Additionally, the player believes that the one with Wraith as of late seems closer compared to Francis. Another is even expecting that “everyone’s gonna be running that skin now.”  

As of writing, this invisible glitch in “Warzone” is still active despite the January 5 patch. The devs have yet to address this again to their “Call of Duty” community.