BTS Dictionary: Certified Armys Shouldn’t Forget What These Kpop Terms Mean


One does not walk straight into Mordor, nor does one enter BTS. The vocabulary and dictionary of BTS are enormous. So much so that if you don’t understand any of the lingo or terminology, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are many idols like RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, and so many albums and music videos to hear and watch.

It can be challenging to become a BTS fan at first. While bouncing along to their music and obsessing over how cute they are is entertaining, you also have to keep up with the lingo used by the BTS ARMY and the members themselves, Elite Daily posted. 

You might be new to it, or you might already be an expert. According to JoongAng, Kpop might be tricky sometimes without knowing the correct terminology or slang. So here are some of the K-pop slang you should know whether you are a noob or a die-hard fan!

This series of words are especially putting your K-pop knowledge to the test! 


1. Anti, Bias, and Sasaeng

Anti refers to the polar opposite of a fan, who openly expresses their disdain for a celebrity. Bias is the most popular member of a K-pop idol group; for example, Jin is my BTS bias. Sasaeng is a  fan infatuated with a famous person that they stalk and harass the celebrity.

2. Fighting!

This word is commonly used to cheer someone up in Korea. It’s spelled hwa-ee-ting! It could also mean good luck depending on the situation! or break your leg!

3. Maknae

Refers to the youngest member of a group and the youngest member of a family, a Kpop group, or any other type of group or community. Jungkook is the maknae in BTS.

4. Maknae Line, Sunbae and Hoobae 

Maknae Line, like Maknae, makes reference to the young members of a group. V, Jungkook, and Jimin are members of BTS’s maknae line. The literal translation is “senior” or “elder,” but it does not refer to elderly people. It refers to someone who came before you into society. The inverse of sunbae means “junior,” and it refers to someone who came into a society or community after you.


1. maemae party

In Korean, maemae can mean scolding or spanking. While the BTS members’ maknae line was having fun and playing games on Bangtan bomb, which showed BTS’ behind-the-scenes, Taehyung (V) said, f anyone cheats, it’s going to be a maemae party.

2. You got no jam

This term implies “you’re not funny.” Back in 2014, during the show Bangtan’s American Hustle Life, RM said to Jimin, “You got no jam,” which means “you’re not funny at all,”  then it quickly popular.

3. Borahae

The literal translation is “I purple you.” After BTS’s Kim Taehyung (V) revealed that purple is his favorite color, fans used this word to say “I love you” to V.

Let’s take a look at BTS’s nicknames for the advanced level! How many of them do you recognize? Did you already know where each name came from? Let’s see what happens!

Kim Namjoon – RM


Many people are already aware that the acronym RM stands for Rap Monster. After the Monster part of his name, fans gave RM the cute nickname Monie.

Joonie and Namjesus

Nam Joon is RM’s real name. Fans created this nickname Joonie by combining the last part of his name, Joon, with a cute -ie suffix. When RM is looking especially hot, fans call him by this moniker, Namjesus

Park Jimin – Jimin


On the show, American Hustle Life, Tony, a hip-hop artist, referred to Jimin by this nickname. Since then, fans have affectionately referred to Jimin with this nickname.


This moniker is derived from the Korean slang term “Jang ddan-ji,” which means “calves.” He has revealed his sexy calves on numerous occasions, and fans couldn’t help but notice and tagged him  a nickname that describes this specific body part.


Is a type of rice cake from Korea; because of his cute and squishy cheeks and attitude, Jimin is often referred to as a rice cake or mochi, and his white skin also played a role in earning him this moniker!

Jung Hoseaok – J-Hope

Hobi, J-Dope, and  J-Nope

J-most Hope’s popular and endearing nickname. -Hope is well-known for his exceptional dance abilities, so he is also called J-Dope. While J-Nope is J-nickname Hope’s when he’s in a particularly ‘Nope’ mood.

Kim Seokjin – Jin

Worldwide Handsome and Jinpaca

He is undeniably attractive all over the world. There’s not much mystery about how he got this nickname.

Dwe-jin (Pig jin)

Because the Korean word for pig is Dwe-ji, fans added an extra letter at the end to form the word ‘Dwe-jin,’ a combination of the words pig and jin.Jinpaca is a combination of two words, Jin and alpaca.

Min Yoongi – Suga

Agust D and lil meow meow

It is an abbreviation for DT Suga. The DT stands for Daegu Town, where Suga was born. Suga’s nickname was given to him for no reason other than the fact that he is so adorable.

Min PD

PD is abbreviated as Producer Suga earned this moniker because he produces and writes many of BTS’s songs. Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi, and his surname is Min.

Kim Taehyung – V

TaeTae and blank Tae

This is one of V’s most commonly used nicknames, derived from his given name, Tae-hyung. Blank-ate came from Tae’s adorable blank expression, which he has a lot of.

Jeon Jungkook – Jungkook

Kookie and Golden maknae

Another cute Jungkook nickname, where fans removed the last syllable of his name and added a -ie suffix. Jungkook is the BTS  maknae and he is golden.

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