Designer Claims Blackpink Lisa Wearing Her Original Designs, Fans Demand Apology


Cierra Boyd, a stylist, and fashion designer has gone viral in multiple K-pop fandoms after accusing K-pop idol stylists of snatching her designs. Upcycling accessories and repurposing them for purposes they were not designed for is a famous fashion trend, and sneakers appear to be the best fit in the upcycled fashion industry.

Initial accusation on Lisa’s outfit backfired 

Cierra Boyd, the designer, is now under fire from fans for fraudulently claiming that the Sevali outfit Lisa wore was stolen from her original design.

The designer posted on her  Twitter account that members of JYPE’s rookie group NMIXX, STAYC, and Blackpink have all been spotted wearing their original designs. Cierra Boyd claimed in her original tweet that NMIXX’s stylist, Ahn Dooho stole her original sneaker-corset design, which was first posted three years ago by user friskmegood.

After receiving a lot of criticism from her fans, NMIXX’s stylist Ahn Dooho has now credited Cierra. On the other hand, Cierra ended up in hot water with Blinks after her initial claims about Lisa’s outfit failed, MEAWW reported. 

Previous plagiarism accusations against Blackpink Lisa 

Cierra Nichols, a black choreographer, accused BLACKPINK member Lisa of plagiarism, claiming she stole her dance for her video. The main point is the beginning of Lisa’s dance, where she is on the floor. Cierra, whose dance debuted a month before Lisa’s, made her accusation on Instagram, according to Koreaboo.  However, Ciera Bichols posted an apology for the false accusation later on. 

Nichols wrote that it was a lesson in mindfulness and a reminder to respect physical and mental well-being. She learned a lot from that experience, including the importance of grace and humility in all situations. After careful consideration, she will state that there may have been some similarities in the movement. Still, she will say that neither the choreographer nor Lisa the artist duplicated it for the record.

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