Ben Affleck praised his spouse Jennifer Lopez during the launch of his new film, Air.

Image source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagi/ Cinema Blend

Ben Affleck compliments his wife, Jennifer Lopez, as they exhibit PDA at the premiere of Air: ‘You’re wonderful.’

Image source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagi/ Cinema Blend

Celebrity couples have existed for as long since there have been prominent celebrities. And then, when Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez announced their reconciliation, it broke the internet. They later married in Vegas and appeared to be living happily ever after. While JLopez dazzles at the Air Premiere, Affleck only harbors admiration for his new wife.

J Lopez and Ben Affleck have been busy with their successful professional life, despite making several headlines for their romance and property shopping troubles. The latter filmmaker just enjoyed the premiere of his new picture Air, which will be released in theaters on April 5. Affleck told ET online about just how his celebrity wife helps him with his profession, saying:

Addressing the stage at the film festival, the Oscar winner hailed the cast and crew for their contributions to the film, particularly his friend Matt Damon, who portrays sporting events marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro in it.

Nevertheless, Affleck’s declaration of love for his current wife, Lopez, captivated the crowd, as he stated that the picture would have been nothing without her “love and support.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck, who made and starred in the film, said, “And I want to add that none of it – this company, this movie, this joy tonight – would be possible without the love and support of my wife, who means more to me than anything else in the world.”

“I’d like to express my gratitude. I adore you. You mean everything to me. You’re fantastic, incredible, wonderful, good, kind, magnificent, and I adore you.”

Ben Affleck praises wife Jennifer Lopez during the launch of Air: ‘You’re wonderful.’

Image source: Evening Standard. /Getty Images

While Ben Affleck is an established Oscar-winning filmmaker, he appears open to working with his best friends Matt Damon and his wife, Jennifer Lopez. And now I’m intrigued about how Jennifer Lopez contributed to Air before it was released.

The couple displayed their PDA earlier that evening as they led the gorgeous entries at the Los Angeles premiere on Monday night.

The 52-year-old singer wore an Antonio Grimaldi gown with a sheer long-sleeved embroidered top and a floor-length bright green skirt.

The Hustlers star accessorized her stylish ensemble with a slender sparkly clutch and a beautiful low bun.

Following his other half’s footsteps, Affleck, 50, wore a navy blue quintuple corduroy suit, a navy silky knit tie, and a light blue shirt.

The film Air tells the story of Michael Jordan, a rookie at the time, and Nike’s fledgling basketball division.

Affleck was joined by (L-R) Chris Messina, Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, Matt Damon, Marlon Wayans,  Jason Bateman, and Chris Tucker on the red carpet. Image source: Evening Standard.

Affleck reunites on screen with his friend and long-term partner Matt Damon, who rose to prominence in 1997 with their Academy award-winning movie Good Will Hunting. Air will be released in the United Kingdom on April 5.

Ben Affleck’s remarks to ET are not the first time he’s mentioned how Jennifer Lopez assists him with his cinematic work. He also stated how her expertise in culture, music, and fashion assists him in filling up any gaps in his firsthand knowledge. Since that Air is primarily on fashion, it makes it obvious that JLo would have assisted.

Jennifer Lopez, for her part, turned to Instagram to commemorate the debut of Air. The video shows Bennifer 2.0 embracing together, and the pop diva looks stunning.

Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck appeared to be having a great time at the Air premier, with the 53-year-old pop queen beaming as she supported her famous husband. She did, however, tag her cosmetics firm JLo Beauty, as she is undoubtedly wearing a variety of their product while addressing the premiere and strolling the red carpet.