The latest news on the Nashville school shooting: Audrey Hale’s post about her partner’s passing

Audrey Hale
The victim of the Nashville shooting was a relative of the Tennessee governor. Image source: INDEPENDENT

The latest news on the Nashville school shooting: Audrey Hale’s post about her partner’s passing was revealed as the undetermined motive.

Image source: INDEPENDENT

According to a former teacher, Audrey Hale, the suspect in the Nashville school shooting, had previously written on Facebook about losing a romantic partner.

Maria Colomy, an Art professor who taught Hale at the Nossi College of Art & Design in Nashville, remembered the shooter’s posting on social media that showed him “openly grieving” the victim. She recalled that Hale had announced his loss and requested to be called Aiden and to use masculine pronouns going forward.

Governor of the state Bill Lee has disclosed that he and his wife were friends with the killed teacher Cynthia Peak, one of the six people shot dead, and had welcomed her to dinner that night. This information comes as the investigation into the shooter’s potential motivations for carrying out Monday’s mass killing at a private Christian elementary level in the Green Hills neighborhood of the Tennessee city continues.

Image source: Independent

Along with Peak, three other nine-year-olds, Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, and two other staff members, Katherine Koonce and Mike Hill, were shot and killed on Monday. The former has since been hailed as a hero for bravely running toward the assailant to defend her charges.

According to Nashville Police Chief John Drake, Hale had seven lawfully acquired firearms stashed at her family home and was “under doctor’s care for an emotional problem” before the killings.

Image source: Independent

The suspect, who had two assault-style weapons and a handgun with him on Monday, was a previous pupil at the school, according to the police, who claimed that he had meticulously laid out the attack and could have harbored “resentment” toward the establishment.

ICYMI: As the popularity of firearms soars despite their use in mass crimes, about one in twenty Americans now own an AR-15 gun.

According to a survey by Alex Woodward, 5% of Americans now own an assault rifle, despite its original sole military use. This is a very disturbing number.

Democrat Bill Lee said in a video he posted yesterday night that he and his wife were acquainted with shooting victims Katherine Koonce and Cynthia Peak and that the latter was scheduled to have dinner with them the night she was slain. Rachel Sharp has more on this.

How many more young people must pass away before the Nation reforms its gun restrictions, like those in Nashville?

Here, Victoria Richards of Indy Voices provides a timely reminder of how outrageous it is that shootings like Monday’s horrible incidents in Nashville have been made to seem normal.

Melissa Joan Hart, who plays Sabrina, claims that she assisted kindergarteners in escaping the attack in Nashville.

The former model star of the iconic Sabrina the Teenage Witch television series, Melissa Joan Hart, has taken to Instagram to make the dynamic claim that she and her husband assisted several students from The Covenant School to escape the attack on Monday.

The actress revealed that they had spotted kids running out of the vicinity of Audrey Hale’s attack en route to a parent-teacher meeting at the school her kids attended.

She said, holding back tears, “We helped a class of kindergarteners across a busy roadway.”

Actress Melissa Joan Hart, who portrays Sabrina, says she helped Nashville kindergarteners from the attack.

Melissa Joan Hart, a former model who starred in the enduring television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, has fervently claimed on Instagram that she and her spouse helped several pupils from The Covenant School escape the attack on Monday.

The actress revealed that while on their way to a parent-teacher conference at the institution where her children attended, they had seen children fleeing the area of Audrey Hale’s attack.

“We helped a class of kindergarteners cross a busy motorway,” she recalled, fighting back the tears.

They were escaping the forest by ascending. They were attempting to flee their school’s active shooter situation. So we assisted these tiny young children crossing the street to reach their teachers. We helped a mother get her kids back together.

“I simply lack the words to express myself anymore. It’s enough already. Simply say a prayer. For the families, please pray.

In the brief footage, Hart reveals that she relocated from Connecticut to Nashville after living nearby Sandy Hook after the infamous 2012 shooting.

After the shooting at a Nashville school, the Senate chaplain urges senators to “go beyond thoughts and prayers.”

As he welcomed lawmakers to the chamber on Tuesday, Senate chaplain Barry Black urged them to go beyond thoughts and prayers in the wake of Monday’s horrific shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville.

“When babies die at a church, it is time for us to move beyond thoughts and prayer,” Mr. Black said as he welcomed the legislators.

In response to criticism from Nashville, Arizona’s governor’s press secretary removes a “transphobic” gun meme.

Here’s an update on the controversy surrounding a careless tweet sent by Josselyn Berry, the spokeswoman for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, which prompted state Republicans to call for her dismissal.

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