All You Need To Know About Superboy-Prime


Superboy Prime is an alternate version of the Superman. He is  known as Superboy Prime or simply Prime. The character was first illustrated by DC Comics on the month of November in the year 1985. Superboy Prime was created by Elliot S! Maggin and Curt Swan. The place of origin of the character is Earth Prime, he was born on Krypton. He is associated with various teams like Sinestro Corps, Legion Of Super Villians, Legion Of Doom, Red Lantern Corps, Black Lanterns Corps and Star Sapphires.  Earth prime is another world in which all the fictional DC characters live.

Know About Superboy Prime Biography:

Superboy Prime Biography

Superboy Prime is native from a part called Krypton in the universe Earth Prime. Earth Prime is the universe in which all the fictional characters illustrated by DC live. He is the son of Jerry and Naomi Kent, which they got by adoption. Naomi his son to be named as Clark and Jerry wanted his name somewhat associated to superman. Naomi and Jerry found that baby in a forest and thought it to be abandoned. But they are unaware of the fact that  he was teleported to earth by his father Jor E! and is a young Kal-E!. this whole incident took place when their planet krypton was going to destroy due to a supernova. Unfortunately his family was unable to escape the place, and the after incidents are still unknown.

Everything To Know About Strengths Of Superboy Prime:

Superboy Prime Weaknesses

Superboy is filled with immense Powers and Abilities, he possess the abilities such as, superhuman strength, invulnerability, speed, heat vision, senses, microscopic vision, healing endurance, telescopic vision, superbreath, X-ray Vision, frost breath and Flight. These are the basic abilities which all superhero poses. He have comparatively less abilities than that of other adults in the planet Krypton. He have got his speed from the superhero flash.

His power suit is filled with abilities, it acts a his energy generator, it is a replica of a suit which is worn by Anti-Monitor. The suit captures yellow solar light and convert it into energy so that superboy’s power levels can be maintained. It can protect superboy from various artificial and harmful rays and also from red sun. superboy claims that he have himself made the suit but according to the super hero Bart Allen, the suit was stolen by Prime.

Get To Know About Superboy Prime Weaknesses:

Superboy Prime Weaknesses

The weakness of Superboy prime is totally different from all the other versions of superman. The weakness of Superboy prime is exposure to red sun, all the superman versions poses this weakness. In the contact of radiations emitted by red sun, he loses all his powers. He  was defeated by Kal E! and Kal L when they took him directly through the red sun of planet Krypton. Due to which his armour got destructed and he suffered power loss. He stays in constant need of yellow solar energy, in order to maintain his power levels , in absence of the yellow light he will lose all his powers.

Do You Know About Superboy Prime Personality ?

Superboy Prime Personality

The personality of super boy prime is of a very frustrated being. He easily becomes anguish and is very frustrated due to the incidents which happened in his lifetime, these all are the thoughts of the writer of series Infinite Crisis, Geoff Johns. He also stated that he wanted the world to see the powers of Superboy Prime, because he had a very less chance to outshow himself. After the Crisis Of Infinite Earths ended he was totally useless. Before that he was very strong and brave.

Get to Know About Alternate Versions Of Dark Multiverse and DC Comics :

Alternate Versions Of Dark Multiverse and DC Comics

After the killing of Maxwell Lord in the Dark Multiverse: Infinite Crisis, Tedd Kord takes control over Checkmate. He manipulates the plans of Luthor before going to Prime and Luthor. Prime agrees to help Luthor. Earth 2 Superman and Lois comes to kill Prime with a specially designed weapon from the planet Krypton but, instead gets themselves killed by Luthor.

DC comics have come up with various superheros. It is basically an American publishing company. It was founded in the year 1934, its founders include Malcom Wheeler and Nicholson.