After nine years of marriage, Ralph Pittman, husband of RHOA star Drew Sidora, files for divorce.

Ralph Pittman
Image source: The People

Ralph Pittman, husband of RHOA star Drew Sidora, files for divorce after nearly nine years of marriage.

Image source: The People

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have officially separated, as exclusively confirmed by PEOPLE.

According to Pittman, 37, “love is a lovely thing.” Pittman made this statement exclusively to PEOPLE. “Unfortunately, we have decided to write our subsequent chapters apart from one another. We have made the decision to divorce. Our three wonderful young children’s mindsets and development are of utmost importance. I kindly ask that you maintain our privacy as we go through this trying period.”

Sidora, 37, said, “I have decided to release my spouse with love after eight years of fiercely struggling to keep my marriage together. Although Ralph and me have decided to go our own ways, we hope to keep in touch so that we can responsibly co-parent. Despite the fact that we lead very public lives, I am requesting seclusion at this challenging time while my kids and I learn how to negotiate our new beginnings.”

Are Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman divorced?

Image source: The People

Pittman filed for divorce on Monday in Gwinnett County Superior Court, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE. Documents acquired by PEOPLE also show that Sidora filed for divorce on her behalf one hour before Pittman.

The Game actress asserts that the couple has been apart since last Thursday, February 23, whereas Pittman gave the couple’s split date as February 19.

Sidora’s petition states that “there is no opportunity or hope of reunion” between the spouses, despite Pittman’s filings asking for their children’s joint legal and physical care. She requests shared legal custody as well as interim and primary physical custody.

The Step Up actress made a series of shocking accusations against Pittman in an amended divorce petition she filed on Wednesday, calling him a “serial adulterer and cheater” who mistreated her emotionally, financially, and even “physically hostile” at one point.

Pittman and Sidora wed in August 2014. Later, they welcomed daughter Aniya in February 2018 and son Machai in June 2015. The former star of That’s So Raven also has an 11-year-old kid named Josiah from a previous union.

During RHOA, the couple’s marital problems that led to their divorce were extensively covered.

Who is Drew Sidora’s boyfriend?

Image source: The People

On February 10, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia, Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman watched the Lifetime movie “Line Sisters” at IPIC Theaters at Colony Square. Drew Sidora, a member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and Ralph Pittman began dating in 2013.

A disturbing text conversation between her partner and his female helper was found by Sidora last year (who was later fired). She admitted on the show that it was pretty tricky for her to learn that her spouse was growing close to his helper. “My kids and I left for Chicago after packing things. I sprinted away from my house.”

Pittman should “respect the connection,” Sidora added.

They were joined by other RHOA cast members, with Kenya Moore accusing Pittman of being “very disrespectful” as he was accused of gaslighting his wife.

In a 2022 episode, Moore, 52, said to Pittman, “You’re saying she’s lying and how it occurred was not how it happened. “If someone said something to me directly, especially if hurt, I would be f—-ed up. Do you fail to comprehend that? You are dismantling her.”

Do you know Sidora Pittman?

According to Heavy, Pittman is the creator and CEO of a wellness business called “My Mind Music”, which produces calming music to help people live better and promote and enhance their quality of life. Sidora is a singer and actress who has appeared in movies such as “White Chicks,” “Step Up,” and “Sister Code.”

Sidora told BET in June last year that the couple intended to keep battling for their marriage despite their difficulties.

We assumed that would be the case because “I imagined it was going to be like Cinderella, like a happily ever after,” she added. “My parents, who have been together for close to 60 years, seemed to have it all together. We have children and are relocating to a new city, so life is occurring and people are changing and growing in my circumstance.”

She said, “It’s challenging because you occasionally wonder if you should continue in your marriage or if you would be happier living alone. What can we do to rectify this when two individuals commit to each other and maintain committed to each other? In order to find the best counsellor for you, you’re exchanging ones, but we’re committed, and I believe that’s what holds relationships together.”

How many children does Sidora Pittman have?

From 2020 through 2022, Sidora and Pittman, who starred on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” were wed. The couple later had two children: a daughter, Aniya, 5, and a son, Machai, 7. Josiah, a second son of Sidora’s from a prior union, is hers.

They “keep doing the work” even though “it’s not perfect because I’m not flawless, and Lord only knows he’s not perfect,” Sidora continued.

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