$350 Billion Stimulus Vaccine Bonus: Used to Help Businesses, Other Purposes

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Government Bills Signed President Biden

The expenses in Florida are one of the thousands of new investments across the country as cities and states seek to spend their shares from the $350 billion stimulus package. 

The Democrats in Congress approved the local income as part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) last spring, hoping to give cash-strapped to governments to boost in fighting the global pandemic and reviving the economies.

However, the legislature implemented a couple of limitations on the funds at that period, preferring to give cities and states unprecedented freedom to invest more money as they knew it could be right.

As an outcome, there has been a mix of policies promoting vaccines, supporting businesses, protecting schools, and replenishing local treasuries, plus a number of participations and pet projects wherein the immediate financial advantage, according to the published news of the Washington Post.

 Biden Signs 5 Significant Bills,  5 Executive Orders in His First  Year

Over the year, Biden was able to get some of his top priorities passed through Congress, but others were impacted. After the 2022 midterm elections, he will have less than a year to fulfill his legislative program before the next Congress is inaugurated.

According to Federal Register data, he also used his executive branch powers to sign 77 executive orders in his first year in office. This surpassed the past leaders:  former President Barack Obama, who signed 41; former President Donald Trump, who signed 58 executive orders; and former President George W. Bush, who signed 56.

2022 Major Bills Signed by President Biden

  1. Covid-19 Program
  2. Build Back Better Plan
  3. The Right to Vote
  4. Inflation
  5. Foreign policy difficulties

5 major laws signed by Biden in his first year in office

  1. The American Rescue Plan Act, as well as the extension of existing Covid-19 projects
  2. Act to Encourage Investment in Infrastructure and Job Creation
  3. Bills to prevent a government shutdown and keep the federal government open
  4. National Independence Day Act of Juneteenth
  5. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act prohibits Uyghurs from being forced to work

5 Remarkable Executive orders Biden signed in his first year

  1. Reversing Trump administration policies
  2. Mandatory vaccinations
  3. Control of firearms
  4. Climate goals
  5. Implementing Government  procedures to monitor

The almost $2 trillion climate and economic spending plan is the cornerstone of Biden’s domestic agenda. It has stalled in the Senate due to opposition from Democratic Senators Joe Manchin, as reported by the Kake news.  

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