Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin get a Divorce? Inside Their Difficult separation and Its Repercussions

Kate Gosselin
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From marriage to splitting up with endless accusations, Jon & Kate Gosselin’s tumultuous relationship

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The TLC reality show star couple Jon & Kate Plus 8 once featured a married couple struggling to balance a family of sextuplets and 2 older twins.

Kate and Jon Gosselin’s divorce was midway through season 5. Since then, the former couple has had various accounts of what caused their rift.

The majority centered on rumors that Jon was unfaithful.

During the breakup, gossip of infidelity abounded, but Jon consistently maintained that he remained faithful to his wife of ten years. “The biggest misconception is that I deceived my wife, but I didn’t,” he said on an episode of the tv reality program Couples Therapy in 2014. He also explained his marriage as “very non-affectionate” and “like a decade of a business transaction.”

“I felt like I was doing Kate’s task list,” Jon stated. ‘This is the Post-it note.’ This is what you’ve got to do. This is how a good husband acts. This is the way you intend to act.’ ‘OK,’ I thought. I will finish these tasks, and she’ll love me because I accomplish them.’ I completed all of my tasks on January 16. I walked into a bar & stayed there until 4:00 a.m. She said nothing when I got home that morning. So I repeated it the following night as well.”

And by the next night, Jon eventually realized his relations with Kate were over. “On January 17, 2009, I got to know the marriage was over,” he said. “That was the pivotal day. “I had a feeling.”

During a 2016 interview with Dr. Oz, Jon also rejected the affair rumors, saying, “She assumed I was having affairs after… during detachment in 2009, which I wasn’t. No.”

In 2016, Kate told People that she “really would have thought Jon would have been here for the long term,” before adding. “The strangest thing is that he became a different character overnight.”

Kate said Jon had started buying motorbikes and cars & staying out late rather than caring for the kids. “My closest friends and family thought I was crazy and making it up,” she added. “They were like, ‘Whoa,’ when they saw it for themselves.” They saw the evidence.”

In an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show in 2016, Jon claimed he lost “everything” in the divorce and claimed TLC sided with Kate and even paid for her divorce lawyers. “We knew we were going to divorce, but the network wanted to keep us together for the sake of the show,” he explained. “I said, ‘I’m not going to have my divorce filmed.'” I’m not going to let it be known to the general public. And I’m not showing reruns so my kids can keep watching their parent die.’… I simply took a moral position rather than a business stance. Everything was taken from me. “I lost everything.”

Following their divorce, Jon claimed that Kate verbally assaulted him and was an “absentee” mother, while Kate claims that none of her kids has been “harmed” by the reality TV show. While Collin and Hannah remained in his custody and lived with him in Pennsylvania, Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah are in Kate’s custody and will relocate to North Carolina with her in March 2021.

Jon no longer worries about custody issues after the sextuplets turn 18 on May 10, 2022. “I am liberated in the sense that I now have adult children… I own my own business, and it is now time to step on. I’m dating and moving forward with my life. “It’s almost like starting over,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “There is no longer a custody court.” It’s all over. Today is the last day. It’s all over. This burden has been lifted from my shoulders. It’s simply a huge relief.”

Jon went on to say that Kate has found it challenging for him to communicate with the children he does not live with. “It’s very difficult for me to communicate with the children who live with Kate because I don’t have a honest relationship with them,” the former reality television star admitted. “Hannah converses with them. She gets along really well with the other children. I’ve become estranged from those kids.”

Jon then claimed that Kate was to blame for the conflict with his children. “I think Kate made a really bad decision because she distanced me from all those kids,” he said. “I believe it was a poor parenting choice.” It would have been good if she had been more transparent with them and explained the situation more thoroughly.”

Jon claims that now that most of their children are legal adults, they will ultimately discover the truth about his relationship breakdown from Kate. “They’ll figure out who their parents are, and what happened in the past, and how relationships form and fail,” he told the outlet. “Sometimes you keep those things hidden from your children. It’s sometimes difficult to say those things to your child because you’re afraid they won’t understand them.”

Furthermore, Jon blamed Kate for the divorce and hinted that she had an affair. “What caused the divorce?” “Because a certain someone left me for a certain someone,” he explained. “I was like, ‘End it,'” Jon said after insisting he “knew” about her alleged affair.

While both Jon and Kate have denied having affairs during their marriage, the father of eight has stated that their divorce was “inevitable” due to their opposing “personalities.”

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