Who is Sebastian Maniscalco’s Wife?

Sebastian Maniscalco
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Who is the wife of Sebastian Maniscalco?

Maniscalco has been married to Lana Gomez, 38, an airbrush artist in her own right, since 2013. Sebastian rose to prominence in the late 1990s.

Sebastian Maniscalco, an Italian stand-up comedian, rose to prominence in the late 1990s.

The Illinois native has five comedy specials to his credit, as well as supporting characters in the cinemas Green Book and Irishman.

Anyone who’s seen the stand-up comic actor Sebastian Maniscalco understands that he is hilarious. Maniscalco is renowned for his blunt personality, and his routines make fun of anything from family drama to annoying neighbors. But perhaps Maniscalco’s greatest source of the material is his beautiful wife Lana, about whom the comedian frequently quips about their relationship and personality differences. We’ll assist you in getting to know Sebastian Maniscalco’s wife.

All jokes apart, Maniscalco considers Lana to be his most ardent supporter and fan. she must have a wonderful sense of humor to keep putting up with his antics!

So, who is the better half of Sebastian Maniscalco?

We’ve compiled a list of facts about the comedian’s wife, artist Lana Gomez.

The 38-year-old attended the University of Tennessee to study Art.

Her artworks can be found “everywhere, from the iconic Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills to concerts and festivals, office complexes, and private residences,” according to her website.

  • Lana Gomez’s works have been featured in House Beautiful, InStyle, Lonny, Los Angeles Confidential, and The New Yorker.
  • She painted a 10-foot guitar sculpture for Gibson GuitarTown on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in 2012.
  • As part of the Gen Art Detour exhibition, her Art was also shown at the SCOPE Art Fair in Miami Beach.
  • Serafina Simone, and Caruso Jack, born in May 2017, and June 2019, are the cute children of the couple.

Is Sebastian Maniscalco launching a new cooking show?

Maniscalco’s stand-up comedy career was put on hold after the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide shut down entertainment venues.

Hence, he used that time to develop his new comedy cooking show, Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco.

“For five to seven years, I’ve been looking to break into the cooking industry.” I’m interested in the culinary and thought, ‘What could we do?'” Maniscalco, 48, revealed this to the N Y Post.

“Until the pandemic, nothing resonated with me; a pal of mine, Dominick DiBartolomeo…his business was decimated.” He sells cheeses and meats to local Los Angeles restaurants and produces his Italian food products.”

Maniscalco & DiBartolomeo decided to host a Sunday dinner to raise funds for the charity while also revealing DiBartolomeo’s business to Maniscalco’s massive fan base.

image source: the sun

“It worked out,” Maniscalco said to the publication. “It was a huge success, and I thought to myself, ‘This is really fun…do let’s a Television program merging my two passions, comedy and food.'”

“I wanted to do it around topics that attract me in the culinary arts, as well as having two small children.” As a father, I’d like to teach them how to bake bread or take them fishing and display to them how to entrap the hook.”

The tv series, Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco has aired on Discovery+ on Thursdays since August 12.

Maniscalco and comedian Russell Peters will explore the similarities between sushi and comedy in the seven-episode series and host a “meat-centric” dinner party with guests including Bert Kreischer and Anjelah Johnson, and go sandwich hunting with Fortune Feimster, Rich Eisen, Oscar Nunez and Gillian Jacobs.

The premiere comprises three episodes, one released each Thursday thereafter.

“You’ll have that little smile on the face while learning about a specific food or cooking a dish,” Maniscalco told the publication.

“People like to tweak in and forget about their difficulties for half an hour, which is equivalent to how I do it with stand – up comedy – getaway slightly and have a little fun laughing while watching a cooking show.”

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