Who is John Andrew Schimmer Wife/Fiancée Jho Rovero?

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Who is Jho Rovero?

The main reason Jho Rovero is well-known is that she is the wife of John Andrew Schimmer, a well-known Filipino actor, media personality, bodybuilder, and model. Jho Rovero is also a model and a social media influencer.

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Jho Rovero passed away on December 20, 2022. Her husband, John Andrew Schimmer, posted a video on Facebook to announce her passing. Since then, people have been curious to learn the cause of death. This article will discuss that information before moving on to Jho Rovero’s career and family information.

Jho Rovero Cause Of Death

Recently, Jho Rovero experienced a cardiac arrest with brain hypoxia. Jho Rovero, the wife of John Andrew Schimmer, was admitted to the hospital in the past and was receiving treatment for many months. Her husband has disclosed that his wife has severe asthma. On December 20, 2022, he revealed that his wife’s asthma problem led to congestive heart failure, hypoxia, and the cessation of the oxygen supply to her brain, which led to her death.

Career Journey of Jho Rovero

Jho Rovero began her career as a model and then transitioned to acting, but she didn’t become well-known until she married John Andrew Schimmer. After their union, she rose to celebrity online. Jho Rovero has been in numerous TV shows and advertisements, and thanks to her work, she has amassed a respectable following.

Age and background of Jho Rovero

Jorhomy Rovero is Jho Rovero’s full name. Jho Rovero may be between the ages of 1987 and 1992 when she was born on July 11, and she is currently between the ages of 30-35. Jorhomy Rovero was a Filipino living in Manila from a tiny town. Jorhomy Rovero was of Filipino origin and worked as a successful model and actor.

John Andrew Schimmer’s Wife, Jho Rovero

According to reports, Jho Rovero, John Andrew Schimmer’s wife, was married and had a long-term relationship with him. John Andrew Schimmer and Jho Rovero were destined to be together; they married and had a beautiful marriage for a while. But now that Jho Rovero has abandoned him, he is grieving as he sees her lying lifeless on the hospital bed.

Physical Statistics of Jho Rovero

She is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs close to 57 kilograms, converted to centimetres, 166 cm and 1.6 meters. As for weight, it equates to approximately 125 pounds.

Death of Andrew Schimmer’s wife

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A picture of their linked hands wearing what will have been their wedding bands was posted on Facebook by the actor along with the announcement.

Love of my Life, my wife, my closest friend, and my coworker. He reminded her of their vow to live happily ever after.

After nearly year in coma, Rovero passed away from cardiac arrest and complications related to his severe asthma. 
She also experienced breathing problems due to hypoxemia, defined by lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the arteries.

The fiancée of actor Andrew Schimmer, Jho Rovero, passed away following a prolonged hospitalization.

A picture of their linked hands wearing what should have been their wedding bands was posted on Facebook by the actor along with the announcement.

“My Life’s Love… my wife, my closest friend, and my coworker. “Remember your vow to live eternally as a couple,” he urged.

Schimmer claimed that he heard of Rovero’s passing while filming an episode of Family Feud on GMA-7.

I want to share the worst and worst news with you, Doctors from St. Luke’s called me whilst I was in GMA for a Family Feud recording to let me know that her blood pressure and all other vital signs had decreased, including her oxygen level.

Rovero received her first care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bonifacio Global City.

Since then, Schimmer had been pleading for prayers for his spouse, with whom he shared two kids. He would update his YouTube channel on her health development to raise money for her pricey medical care.

He recently declared that he would wed his ill spouse immediately and would no further wait for the “perfect moment to come.” By God’s grace, it will come to pass.

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