Stephanie Slater: Michael Sams’ kidnap victim dies aged 50

Stephanie Slater
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Michael Sams’s kidnap victim, Stephanie Slater, passes away at age 50.

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Real Estate agent Stephanie Slater, abducted in 1992 and taken captive for eight days, passed away at 50 from cancer.

Miss Slater was confined in a “confined wooden coffin” when Michael Sams abducted her.

Sams abducted Ms. Slater in Birmingham by pretending to be a home buyer. Her employer paid the ransom of £175,000 to get her released.

Ms. Slater relocated to the Island of Wight and later assisted abduction victims.

Who is Michael Sams’?

Image source: The Sun

Sams, a resident of Nottinghamshire’s Sutton-on-Trent, was given a life sentence in 1993 for murdering Leeds’s young Julie Dart and kidnapping Ms. Slater.

The 76-year-old Sams was apprehended when his third wife identified his voice from a clip shown on BBC’s Crimewatch.

When Ms. Slater was abducted, she was 25 years old and employed at Shipways Estate Agency in Great Barr.

After being muffled, she was transported from Birmingham to Sam’s workshop in Newark.

She was tied, had electrodes hooked to her leg, and placed in a wooden crate inside a wheelie bin.

Image source: The Sun

Ms. Slater dedicated her life to cooperating with police agencies to enhance the care given to abduction victims and directly with victims to assist them in overcoming their ordeals.

She thought that by sharing her experience of being held captive in the book Beyond Fear: My Drive To Survive, others would better grasp the perspective of female individuals who have been assaulted.

“I understand that she never really got over the incidents that impacted her life so abruptly in January 1992,” said Stacey Kettner, her best friend.

Being Stephanie’s closest friend has been a privilege and an honor.

In a horrific incident, Stephanie Slater was raped while confined in a wooden coffin.

Image source: BBC

What happened to Stephanie Slater?

In a horrifying ordeal in 1992 that ultimately became the most infamous kidnapping in the history of the UK, Stephanie Slater was raped while trapped inside a wooden coffin.

The 25-year-old estate agent was imprisoned for eight days in a homemade coffin.

Michael Sams, an 81-year-old serial killer with wooden legs, raped her while chained naked on a mattress.

A £175,000 demand was given in return for her release.

Stephanie planned a home showing with one “Bob Southall” while working.

In January 1992, she traveled to Birmingham to meet the potential buyer.

Sams was the man, and he quickly had a knife in Stephanie’s throat.

Sams, who had already murdered Julie Dart in July 1991, drove Stephanie 70 miles to his workspace in Newark, Nottingham, while she was blindfolded.

Image source: BBC

Sams, a man from Keighley, West Yorks, dragged her bound body from his car and put her in a wooden box.

The box inside contained a wheelie bin with bricks on top to hold the lid tight.

Electrodes had been stuffed down Stephanie’s pants, and her arms hung up like butchered meat.

When Stephanie revealed to Sams that she was adopted, he decided to spare her life even though she was raped throughout the horrific incident.

He had threatened to call the police if they went to her company, Shipways Estate Agency in Great Barr, and demanded the cash immediately.

Kevin Watts, the head of the estate agency, could elude the police when he delivered the money.

At the meeting, about a thousand officers were prepared to detain Sams.

Sams outsmarted them by driving Watts down a dark, lonely, single-track country road where any officers in a car following would be visible.

How was Sams’ arrested?

Sams dumped Stephanie near her parents’ home after receiving the money, and he then drove away.

However, a bystander who had witnessed the red Metro automobile Sams was driving gave an authoritative description of him. Stephanie did the same, indicating that an artist had created a convincing likeness.

However, he neglected to hide his voice during one call, giving the officers, who were listening in, a crucial piece of evidence.

Afterward, police had a chance to post a plea on Crimewatch.

The artist’s drawing, the voice, and the car were all enough to identify him and lead to his arrest.

Susan Oake, his first wife, stepped forward and assisted in his identification.

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