Who Is Jay Leno’s Wife? Details on Mavis Leno

Jay Leno

Jay Leno married Mavis Leno in 1980

Mavis & Jay Leno first met at a comedy club. In the 1970s, the former Tonight Show host met his wife while performing at the legendary Comedy Store. Jay admitted that he “wasn’t very good at dating,” and Mavis didn’t think she’d ever marry. But everything changed when the two met.

Mavis admitted to the media in 1987, “I always had this assumption that I would never get married. But as I got to know Jay, I started to realize that it was the very first time I had been with someone with whom I felt completely at ease.

In 1980, the couple exchanged vows. Jay joked in a TV interview when asked about the key to their happy marriage, “Not screwing around is a significant part. You can do a lot. If you don’t screw around, you can leave your undergarments on the doorknob for your entire life.”

Besides mockery, Jay stated, “I always advise men to marry their consciences when they meet a woman. If you marry the person you wish you could be, everything will be OK.”

Here are some interesting facts about the duo

The cute lovebirds first met at the best-known comedy club of Los Angeles Comedy Store.

“I don’t remember the date exactly, but it was in January.” “But at the moment, I thought, ‘Holy s—! That comedian is magnificent!’ ” she remarked in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I went to the Comedy Store with my girlfriend as I was working on a comedy project with some friends.”

“Friends kept telling me, that I have to go to the Comedy Store and the Improv. To find people who can get me work.’ They seated us at the centre of the front row at my first visit. which indicates your distance from the comic.”

The couple met after Jay’s performance. “I needed to use the restroom. What I didn’t realise was that at the time, that area of the Comedy Store was the only place for comedians to congregate “She remembered. “So when I emerged from the restroom, he asked, ‘Are you that girl in front?’ ‘Yes, that was me,’ I replied.”

Jay once bought her a blouse rather than a drink.

Since Jay does not drink, he once ended up giving Mavis cash so she could go shopping instead.

“I wasn’t remarkably good at dating,” he conceded to PEOPLE. “I’m not a boozer. I’ve never done so. When Mavis asked for a drink, I told her, ‘Look, let me offer you the money, so that you could buy a blouse or something.’ I’m not going to buy you a drink.’ So I gave her $35 and she went out and bought a blouse.”

Mavis admitted that she thought it was “extremely strange.”

Mavis never imagined herself getting married.

Mavis had no idea she’d be going to walk through the aisle until she met Jay. “I always thought I’d never get married,” she told in an interview. “It was a big deal for me, part of my fervent feminism, but with Jay, I realised that this was the first time I’d ever been with someone where I had a flawless, calm feeling of having reached at my destination.”

“It was just that by the period we were together, I was 34… I was past it, even though that was a significant gesture for me to make — that I could end up living without being able to marry,” Mavis explained.

Jay proposed to Mavis without a ring.

When Jay Leno’s Garage star proposed, there was no ring associated. Jay said in a recent interview, “I think I told, ‘Honey, I’ve got an insurance policy.'”

He later told the Los Angeles Times that he desired Mavis to be protected by his insurance if something bad happened to him.

“I had this insurance cover and assumed that if something happens to me, my girlfriend could not be covered; however, if we’re married, we’re protected, so… we should probably get married. Its not exactly romantic. Mavis did not even receive an engagement ring until — “He said this before Mavis interrupted.

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