Know about Kliff Kingsbury girlfriend: Who’s Veronica Bielik?

Kliff Kingsbury girlfriend

Why Veronica Bielik posts ‘obsessed’ to Cardinals fans?

29-year-old Veronica Bielik is a polish Instagram celebrity, having fan followers 3.5 million. She was born on 18 September 1993 in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.

Veronica is a model and social media influencer. She manages two accounts, one in English and another in polish.

The influencer is also the co-founder of Spotlight Agency, which works to manage influencers throughout the world. Bielik also promotes an energy drink brand named Bang Energy. She consistently works with renowned fashion brands, for instance, New Balance Poland, Guess and Pretty Little Thing.

The relationship status of Veronica

Currently, she’s in a romantic relationship with NFL’s Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury. It is now a year since they started their relationship. Netizens got to know after veronica shared pictures of her at Kliffs home. It has been a year since both have been in a live-in relationship.  

Assumptions are outbroken about the couple as the duo tripped for a vacation together, and the coach was in trouble with the organization.

Fans’ reactions to their relationship

It might have seen that Kingsbury is enjoying the life off the field, but as a head coach of the Cardinals, on the field might be in trouble. After the early playoff exit in the postseason last year, the Cardinals were expected to play well. 

However, the team’s overall performance is not up to the mark yet and also the head coach in being trolled that he’s deviated from his goal after being in a relationship.

There are doubts about Murray’s performance as well, besides Kliff’s skills as the head coach. Their competence is being questioned after their renewal of the contract.

Why are people worried about Kingsbury?

Is the appearance of Kliff Kingsbury’s Polish girlfriend Veronica Bielik in Arizona giving opponents an edge? That is the concern on Cardinals fans’ minds. However, the Instagram model, who’s still new to the NFL, is attempting to convince them that her curves will be a hurdle for Kliff to distract him from his game this Sunday against the 4-0 Eagles.

Veronica joined the Instagram comment section on one of her recent posts to address a burning question upon several people’s minds: Will Kliff be spending more time in the sack with Bielik than in the film room?

“I’ve never witnessed anyone more obsessed and concentrated on his work,” Veronica wrote on her Instagram story.

If the situation deteriorates after this, it’ll be relatively simple to blame the Instagram model as being a distraction.

However, things have turned around now as Kliff is admitting his Polish lady, and she is willing to talk regarding their relationship. Veronica is responding to Cardinals fans’ concerns.

Veronica’s response to Cardinals fans entails a risk in taking this relationship to the next level.


Take into consideration that Internet snoopers discovered that Veronica had spent at least part of the 2021 season at Kliff’s residence, but somehow the relationship was kept quiet for unknown reasons. The Cardinals and Kliff were swept out in the playoffs by his fellow Sean McVay and the eventual Super Bowl champion Rams.

People wish to see this team get over the hump to know that there has been no regression from the last season’s success, especially after Kyler Murray had a $230.5 million contract.

The Cardinals might have had a rough beginning to the season, but Kliff Kingsbury’s biggest fan believes the team will be fine in the long run.

Model Veronica Bielik, who has been in relation with Arizona’s head coach since October 2020, uploaded a scenic photo from Sedona in the days leading up to Sunday’s game against the Panthers, which was observed by Cardinals fans.

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