Netflix Has Begun A Price Rise Cycle

According to broadbandtvnews, Netflix has lifted its monthly subscription rate in the United States by between $1 and $2 per month. The streaming service announced that it would contribute to the cost of new initiatives to compete in an extensively crowded market.

The regular package, which enables two simultaneous streams, is now $15.49 per month, up from $13.99 before. Increases of this sort are usually replicated in global markets and have also been implemented in Canada.

The increases, which are the first in the United States and Canada since October 2020, are effective immediately for new subscribers and at the beginning of the following billing cycle for current subscribers.

Although the increasing prevalence of streaming services such as Disney+ and Paramount+ has increased the cost of television, the abundance of variety has put individual memberships at risk.

Even though many users subscribe to multiple streaming services, some are starting to switch from one to the next as new series are launched.