Naruto: 8 Anime Characters Who’d Be Better Rivals For Rock Lee Than Neji

Rock Lee is a persevering and serious ninja who loves combative techniques and actual preparing. He needs a more suitable opponent than the severe Neji.

In the realm of Naruto, a lot of amicable (or antagonistic) adversaries can be found across the land, and Naruto and Sasuke’s competition is the stuff of legends. Sakura has Ino Yamanaka as her adversary, and Rock Lee, the taijutsu ace, picked Neji Hyuga as his authority rival. In any case, is Neji actually the best opponent for Rock Lee? He probably won’t be.

Neji and Rock Lee are both taijutsu subject matter experts and are in a similar ninja group under Might Guy, yet Neji is fairly self-ingested and unpleasant, and he isn’t horribly keen on substantiating himself to Rock Lee. In this way, the hopeful and dedicated Rock Lee should track down another adversary out there in the realm of anime. Who should turn into his new opponent and push him along?

10 Yasutora “Chad” Sado, The Gentle Giant (Bleach)

Ichigo’s companion Chad may not be active and lively like Rock Lee, yet he has a decent heart, and Chad is not really a defeatist or a loser. As a kid, Chad had been a dreary domineering jerk, assaulting others with his imposing strength. At that point he discovered that guarding the blameless with his force is genuine strength, and Rock Lee would be enlivened.

Chad is a scuffle contender very much like Rock Lee, and more than once, Chad was pushed to develop himself when he saw Ichigo in extraordinary preparing. Chad and Rock Lee would draw out the best in one another.

9 Izuku Midoriya, All Might’s Successor, Who Never Gives Up (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya understands what Rock Lee is going through. He was conceived Quirkless in a world overwhelmed by Quirks, however, he had the core of a saint. Izuku went through extreme actual preparing to procure the privilege to One For All, and even with that Quirk, Izuku is as yet preparing hard. He will not rest briefly.

Rock Lee would track down this motivating and relatable, and he and Izuku would both advantage significantly from a solid competition to demonstrate to the world that characteristic ability isn’t so extraordinary all things considered. Who needs Quirks or ninjutsu when they have the force of the human body?

8 Bacchus Groh, The Drunk-Fu Wizard (Fairy Tail)

Bacchus Groh is a wizard, yet he’s not the sort to shoot fireballs from a sorcery staff. Like Elfman Strauss, Bacchus utilizes wizardry to improve his actual battle abilities, and Bacchus depends somewhat less on animal strength and more on speed and dexterity. At the point when he’s had a couple of beverages, he’s difficult to beat.

Bacchus can be somewhat oppressive on occasion, however he has a feeling of honor. Most likely Rock Lee would intrigue him, and both of them will contend seriously to see who’s the genuine hand to hand fighting expert around here.

7 Jonathan Joestar, The Noble Defender (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The principal Joestar saint, Jonathan, zeroed in more on actual battle and strength than his Stand-using replacements like Josuke or Giorno. Jonathan Joestar has an incredible and extreme body, and obviously, he takes great consideration of it. Rock Lee would put Jonathan on his competition radar.

It additionally helps that Jonathan has a solid feeling of honor, decency, and gallantry, and he will successfully ensure the honest, particularly his future spouse, Erina Pendleton. Rock Lee has comparable slants about Sakura Haruno (however he didn’t wed her).

6 Ban, The Fox Sin Of Greed (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Boycott, the fox sin of avarice, grew up as a rogueish road imp, bound simply by his own requirements and wants, as opposed to respect or obligation like Rock Lee. Nonetheless, he turned his life around by joining the Seven Deadly Sins blessed knight gathering, and he framed a furious yet fun contention with his chief, Meliodas the winged serpent sin.

In view of his warmed contention with Meliodas, Ban would make an extraordinary contender for Rock Lee, being a hard-hitting military craftsman who’s consistently up for a sink or swim challenge or duel. Rock Lee would be tested each day in the event that he had Ban as his actual opponent.

5 Tanktop Master, The Musclebound Hero (One-Punch Man)

A portion of the star saints in this universe are somewhat unpleasant or silly, yet some of them do have a solid feeling of honor and reasonableness. One of them is Tanktop Master, the administrator of the Tanktop Army of legends, and adequately sure, Tanktop Master is a saint who could almost beat Rock Lee unexpectedly.

Tanktop Master is about actual strength and restrained preparing, and he will not represent exploitative or dishonorable conduct among his tanktop peers. Rock Lee would discover Tanktop’s force and honor engaging and challenge him to a productive contention. In a little while, Rock Lee may be wearing a tanktop himself.

4 Monkey D. Luffy, The Aspiring Pirate King (One Piece)

Monkey D. Luffy, the commander of the Straw Hat privateers, has an incredible dream: to turn into the lord of privateers. However, he’s not a savage and ferocious conniver. Luffy is an exemplary shonen hero, esteeming companionship, difficult work, and honor over all else. He’s likewise a scuffle contender, with a rubbery, stretchy bend.

Rock Lee isn’t too excited about privateers, yet else, he would appreciate befriending the force to be reckoned with Luffy and challenge him to perpetual competing meetings and impressive performances. Luffy’s team couldn’t want anything more than to watch these rivalries.

3 Ty Lee, The Chi Blocking Acrobat (Avatar: The Legend Of Korra)

Ty Lee might not have Rock Lee’s beast strength, yet these two Lees would in any case get along in the event that they at any point met. Ty Lee isn’t a drinking spree; all things considered, she centers around combative techniques and aerobatic exhibition, being a fast and lithe carnival entertainer and contender the same. Rock Lee would be dumbfounded to see Ty Lee stream so exquisitely across the front line.

Ty Lee, thusly, would be enormously intrigued with Rock Lee’s sheer force, and both of them would have loads of fun learning each other’s moves and shaping a fellowship en route. Ty Lee is consistently up for another companion, as is Rock Lee.

2 Ranma Saotome, The Lifelong Martial Artist (Ranma 1/2)

Ranma Saotome has been preparing as a military craftsman since his childhood, for the most part by fighting with his dad, Genma. At the point when he got back to Japan from a long preparing trip in China at age 16, Ranma had gotten a really great (and offbeat) military craftsman with various adversaries.

Ranma has great senses and fast reflexes, and he would seize the opportunity to improve his art once he met Rock Lee. All things considered, Ranma is serious and is resolved to be the awesome, Rock Lee feels a similar way. This competition was intended to be.

1 Kiba Inuzuka, The Canine Shinobi (Naruto)

Back in his own universe, Rock Lee has a couple of strong choices for an adversary, regardless of whether he doesn’t think about Neji Hyuga. Hinata isn’t serious and Sasuke is too self-retained, so the following most ideal alternative might be Kiba Inuzuka, from Team 8.

Kiba no uncertainty has a high assessment of Rock Lee and the other way around, and these two taijutsu experts could have loads of fun seeing who’s Konoha’s #1 scuffle ace as they contend to sharpen their procedures practically speaking matches against one another. Their partners can applaud them.