Major retailer makes big change to self-checkout; here’s what you need to do

Self-check-out is taking another hit this time. This comes across majorly as the retailer is planning to limit the number of items that can go through the lanes. The target announced that starting March 17,  stores nationwide will move to “Express Self-Checkout.”
This will limit the customers to buy 10 items or less at self-service registers. The more traditional lanes staffed by employees will be seeing though Target said store managers have the flexibility to open more traditional lanes or set self-check-out hours “that are right for their store.”
A number of forms of checkout may operate on different schedules but Express Self-Checkout will always be available during the busiest shopping times, the company talked about the same.
“At Target, we’re always listening to our guests so we can deliver a joyful and convenient shopping experience. Checking out is one of the most important moments of the Target run, and we know that a fast, easy experience — whether at self-checkout or the lanes staffed by our friendly team members — is critical to getting guests on their way quickly,” the company revealed it in an official statement.
 These are the self-checkout change which comes after Target tested the 10-item or fewer limit at 200 stores last fall. It showed self-checkout was twice as fast and shoppers felt the overall experience was better, Target said in a release.