Long Island MS-13 Slaughter Sole Survivor Tells Court That “Little Devil” Lured Their Deaths

Long Island MS-13 Slaughter Sole Survivor Tells Court That "Little Devil" Lured Their Deaths
Long Island MS-13 Slaughter Sole Survivor Tells Court That "Little Devil" Lured Their Deaths

The solitary survivor of an MS-13 attack that killed four Long Island adolescents has spoken in court about how his classmates were enticed to their deaths by moll known as ‘Little Devil.’

Elmer Alexander Arteaga Ruiz, 22, appeared in court Monday alongside that accomplice, actual name Leniz Escobar, as she was charged with arranging the 2017 homicides.

Escobar, whose partner was a high-ranking gang member, was photographed for the first time Monday when prosecutors released her smirking mugshot for the first time. She is facing a variety of allegations, including murder and racketeering.

When asked about Escobar’s moniker, Ruiz responded that it matched her nicely. Escobar is accused of luring Ruiz and four other boys to a wooded area of Long Island’s Central Islip in April 2017.

Leniz is claimed to have snitched on the youngsters for claiming to be MS-13 gang members on social media, prompting the gang’s true members to decide to execute them as a show of disdain. They were also accused of being members of the rival 18th Street Gang by the gang.

Ruiz described the moment his companions were hacked to death in court, saying that they came through a breach in the fence. Ruiz added that there were around eight or nine of the gang members. Sweaters were used to cover their faces. They arrived in a semi-circle. The gang told Ruiz and the others to get down on their knees, as per the Daily Mail report. 

Leniz Escobar, the Little Devil

On Monday, a federal jury in Central Islip heard opening remarks in Leniz Escobar’s trial for the heinous 2017 attack in which four young men ranging in age from 16 to 20 were massacred with machetes and knives by more than a dozen MS-13 thugs.

The 22-year-old suspect has pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges in connection with four fatalities characterized by prosecutors as a horrific frenzy of violence.

The mangled bodies of the victims were discovered two days after in the park, sprawled on top of one another and covered with blood.

Escobar appeared in court wearing black slacks, a black shirt, and a white-and-black herringbone jacket. At one point, she was overheard telling her lawyers that it is going to be a big day. The next day, Escobar bragged about her vital involvement in the murders, according to Farrell, and told her lover one victim escaped.

Farrell also said that the day following the killings, Leniz told her lover that four had taken the train and saw the light. Unfortunately, one got away. 

According to the prosecutor, Escobar informed her partner that she did it to be happy so that she could be happy. Escobar, according to Farrell, lied to police and attempted to destroy evidence by flinging her cellphone out of a moving automobile while police were tailing her.

During his opening arguments, defense counsel Keith White stated that his client had no idea the hostages would be assaulted. White also stated that Leniz had no idea several of the attackers were going to be murdered.

White claimed that Escobar’s friend, who reportedly assisted in leading the men to their deaths, and two of the suspected attackers had made bargains with lawyers to plead in return for lighter terms.

Jesse Siegel, the defense counsel, would only say outside the courthouse that Leniz Escobar asserts her conviction.  The trial of Escobar is likely to last 3 weeks to 1 month, according to the New York Post news. 

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